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    Searching for real characters & original story lines? Books you can't put down? This author could be who you're looking for.

    A wealthy businessman lay dead on his doorstep in May 2012 from a single shot to the head

    Gerry Hogan was an honest, hard-working family man with no known enemies

    His two young sons stood frozen with shock as Gerry’s partner cradled him in her arms

    When Gus Freeman and the team interview Gerry’s friends and family they gets a shock

    At the start they had a handful of suspects. Soon they had too many. Why?

    The twelfth case for the Crime Review Team is their most baffling mystery so far

    “With plot twists, surprises, suspense and danger, I was hooked from the first page”

    Alan Duncan met Maddy Mills at a party. They fell in love and moved in together.

    What led to Alan’s murder as he went on his weekly run, four years later?

    Gus Freeman suspects that both Alan and Maddy were hiding from someone or something.

    This intriguing and complex case takes all Gus’s skill to unravel.

    Life is never dull for Gus, his team, and the other characters in his life.


    Stacey Read was thirteen and a half when she disappeared.

    Police found her body in the canal ten days later.

    Gus Freeman and his team are reviewing the unsolved case.

    All things bright and beautiful. Nothing is ever what it seems.

    Gus has his work cut out in this tenth cold case as the true horror is revealed.


    Ivan Kendall died in a station toilet eighty miles from home in March 2014

    Why did the quiet family man travel to Westbury from Wales so late at night?

    Gus and his team tackle two cold cases in this baffling ninth title in the series


    A brutal murder occurred at a remote bungalow in January 2013

    Gus Freeman reviews the murder of Ursula Wakeley, a seventy-eight-year-old spinster

    Why did the former librarian become a victim?  Was it a robbery, or something more sinister?



    A lone sniper killed Grant Burnside, the leader of a violent gang in May 2014.

    Four years on, Gus Freeman and his team review a case that refused to give up any answers.

    Why does every stone they turn over lead to the solving of unrelated crimes?


    Why did pet shop owner Mark Malone die in a hail of bullets in May 2015?

    Gus and the Crime Review Team are faced with many questions, but few answers.

    Killer Ricky Gardiner is on the run from the police. Who will catch up with him first?

    Tragedy and triumph are intertwined in another gripping instalment in The Freeman Files.


    Will the frantic search for DI Suzie Ferris and her kidnapper have a successful outcome?

    Can Gus end the careers of the corrupt senior officers behind her disappearance?

    Despite everything the Crime Review Team has another cold case to unravel.

    Dennis Gates was shot dead in August 2010. His killer was never found.


    Dr Ian McGuire, a research scientist was shot dead in his kitchen in 2004

    The original investigation found no motive, no leads, and no suspects

    Gus Freeman and his Crime Review Team have a tough cold case to solve

    In this fourth book in the Freeman Files Series, the case becomes the least of their worries.


    Laura Mallinder left  for work on Sunday, 12th June 2011. She walked to ‘Gentle Touch’, a massage parlour.

    Her boss, Maggie Monk, discovered her body later that evening. Laura, twenty-seven years old, sustained fatal stab wounds to her back.

    The victim’s profession made it hard to find someone to talk.

    “They’ve landed us with a locked room mystery to solve, guv,” said DS Neil Davis.  “Nobody said these cold cases would be easy, Neil,” said Gus Freeman.


    A newly-formed Crime Review Team is investigating cold cases that defied their colleagues.

    Austerity cuts mean that Gus Freeman only has a team of three to assist him.

    ‘Last Orders’ follows the case of Trudi Villiers, a 26-year old barmaid murdered as she walked home from the Ring O’Bells pub in October 2003.

    Gus Freeman is a retired DI whose old boss wants him to head up a Crime Review Team investigating cold cases.

    Old witness statements and fresh clues would cloud his thoughts. The hunt would be on.

    Gus can't resist the chance to enter the fray for one last hurrah.

    A vote of confidence at Westminster. 

    Which way will it go? Will the government fall?   

    Could the forces of evil take advantage of the vacuum in the lead-up to a General Election?

    Can Olympus continue to thwart the ambitions of the all-powerful Grid?

    Will the authorities uncover the truth behind the Olympus Project?

    Can the Larcombe families survive the troubled waters that lay ahead? 


    The Islamist terror attacks resume.

    The Grid wields its power with sustained bursts of criminal activity. 

    Government resources are stretched to breaking point as austerity cuts bite. 


    The Grid becomes all-powerful under its new leadership. The UK is on the brink. 

    An onslaught from organised crime combined with attacks by Islamist extremists takes its toll. 

    Can Olympus stem the tide without revealing its hand?

    Step by step the true nature of the main protagonists becomes clearer. Olympus has always operated in secret. Will its security be breached at last?

    The pace is relentless. There’s enough passion, excitement and tragedy to last a lifetime. All squeezed into three weeks.

    Justice and revenge are to the fore. 

    A senior Grid meeting has a dramatic conclusion. 

    Colleen O’Riordan strengthens her grip in the capital. 

    Who is her secret assassin?  What does the future hold for Hugo Hanigan?

    The excitement never slows as the vigilante organisation battles organised crime. Step by step, the Olympus story moves closer to its final instalments.

    The drama unfolds over forty days and forty nights across the UK.   

    The Grid’s story continues as death becomes a constant companion to Phoenix and his colleagues. 

    Can Olympus halt the reign of terror perpetrated by The Grid?

    Newly-weds Phoenix and Athena battle The Grid and its leader Hugo Hanigan. 

    Olympus seeks fresh faces to join the Gods and provide finance for its missions. 

    Grid gang leader, Tommy O’Riordan, is convicted of murder. Hugo Hanigan immediately takes bloody revenge. 

    Tommy O’Riordan’s wife emerges from the gangster’s shadow. Colleen O’Riordan promises to be a formidable adversary for both Hanigan and Olympus.


    A rogue cosmetic surgeon causes the deaths of several patients. 

    Drug dealers target even younger children. The school gates are the latest point-of-sale.   

    The Project’s leaders need to strengthen the organisation after the recent attempted coup. 

    The Titans may have been defeated, but a new era dawns. The nightmares are far from over. 


    The Olympians and the Titans are in a power struggle. 

    A traitor inside Larcombe Manor must be uncovered.  

    There’s new life to protect as Athena prepares to become a mother.

    If the final battle is lost, the Titans will take the organisation in a darker direction altogether.

    Their ultimate aim is to overthrow democracy in the UK.

    Olympus battle vicious gangsters on home soil. The body count rises. 

    Dimitar Marinov cements his reputation as the most brutal criminal to have set foot on UK soil. 

    Phoenix and Athena attend their first meeting with Zeus and the other Gods.

    They sense factions within the Project are plotting to take it in a different, more sinister direction. Who can they trust?



    The action never slows. The tension never slackens. 

    The Phoenix stares death in the face once more. 

    Detectives Hounsell and Wheeler return. The past threatens to catch up with Phoenix.

    The excitement level never dips in this third book in the series.




    The eyes of the world are on London 2012. 

    British security services anticipate an organised terror attack. 

    Safety is paramount. What if the real danger comes from a lone wolf?

    Don't miss the page-turning intensity of the second story in this gripping series.

    Rescued by strangers from a watery grave and given a new identity. 

    The Phoenix is a stone-cold killer. 

    An ideal fit for the Olympus Project, a secret organisation fighting injustice.

     With hard, fast action and a cast of characters you can reach out and touch, this is the thriller series for which you’ve been searching.  

    Who stabbed Marion Reeves in a frenzied attack in her car back in March 2011?

    Marion’s past holds the answer, but dark forces blocked the original investigation.

    Gus Freeman confronts a group of wealthy people desperate to hide the truth.

    Each witness interview provides another missing piece of the jigsaw.

    Can Gus complete the picture and unmask the killer?

    The thirteenth case for the Crime Review Team will keep you turning pages to the end.