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Spreading The Word


Seven days after the proof had been posted back to the printers ( my boxes containing 150 books were delivered, and a brilliant job they had made of them too! So now I had to spread the word as far and wide as possible that I was officially a published author!

Once again it was back to the internet; ‘How to Organise a Book Launch Party’; ‘How to Write a Press Release’ and the invitations for the former were sent to family and friends, former band mates and roadies plus the publisher and, of course, some local media people. The press release was sent to 16 local newspapers covering at least 75% of the areas in which we had played, together with 5 local radio stations. Wherever possible it was targeted directly to someone in their set-up who would know what to do with it. Continue reading →

My Journey

My friend Tom Sangster said one evening, when I recounted a story about when I had met such and such a singer, whose hit song was being murdered by a covers band in the corner of the pub we visit most Fridays ‘You really ought to write these stories down you know’. I wasn’t sure who would be interested. He said I’d  be surprised. People of a certain age ARE nostalgic about the ‘golden era’ as they see it, of groups and singers from all over the world. The decade or so I was performing in saw an incredible upsurge in different styles of music and fashion; people travelled like never before. The world became a smaller but much more vibrant, exciting place than the one our parents had grown up in. Continue reading →