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Well it’s good to see you came back for the next episode in the ‘Long Hard Road’.

Last month I told you about my experiences with twiends & twitclub, so now it’s the turn of a few other websites under the microscope. In those early days on twitter I checked out every version of ***follow there was, and again there were issues that might make it better not to use them if you want targeted followers!

They all share the same presentation format, with a few minor variations, which is a bit suss to start with. Also, when you are asked to key in your name & password, the latter remains visible on screen, not hidden away under a row of dots! On one site I visited perhaps twice, I checked out a couple of free ‘followers’ to see what I might get. It was déjà vu as the main thrust of names appearing in my inbox was ‘the usual suspects’ from last month’s sites under investigation! Continue reading →