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Don’t worry my friends, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me! Just a name I thought might suffice for our reunion gig. More on how that’s progressing later.

First of all I want to thank all of you who read last month’s item ‘TIME FOR REFLECTION’ It had the largest response yet of all the blog postings I’ve done since my site went live in October 2011. I was touched by the messages on my Facebook page from friends and family of Marcia whose untimely passing I wrote about. I began to wonder whether it would be possible to encourage them to record their own memories of her & collate them in a booklet which might be sold to provide funds for the Dorothy House hospice where she was cared for in her final weeks. Continue reading →

Time For Reflection


Last month was an occasion for bashing the ‘follow’ brigade and the difference between a big name with little class and a small name with class in spades. This month I hope you find something to enjoy, and something to ponder. My blog has been posted much earlier this month for a personal reason; as events over the past week or so have caused me to reflect on how fragile this life we are living can be.

Those of you who have read the book will recall that several years after I stopped singing with the group, I managed a young band for a while. I didn’t go into it in any detail, as it was just one example of how music played a significant part in my life, before, during and after my singing career. Perhaps now is the right time to relate what happened and the link with my time of reflection of late. Continue reading →