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More Of The Same


What have you been doing with yourselves this past four weeks? Keeping busy? Keeping your head down below the barricades? For my part it’s been pretty much the same old, same old.

Apart from a couple of notable exceptions that is! Why can’t people leave things well alone? Okay, if a problem keeps getting flagged up, until it becomes an issue, then a blooming nuisance, maybe do something about it, but otherwise ‘If it isn’t broke don’t fix it!’

I’ve seen the new ‘Timeline’ on Facebook and I’ve tried to like it, I really have! No, really I have. But I don’t like it one little bit. So far I’ve avoided my home page being slaughtered and if they would just leave it alone please, I’d be very grateful. I only read ‘newsfeed’ items now to catch up with what my friends have been up to and as I’m probably borderline technophobe, I keep having to check the ‘most recent’ tab or I’m WAY behind the ball game! I’m sure it was easier in the ‘old’ days viz: – last summer when I rejoined to plug my book launch. Continue reading →

The Final Straw












Colin Bailey is an emotionally damaged young man with scores to settle. The police seem unaware he has started to exact his revenge but Detective Phil Hounsell has his suspicions. A tragic event in Colin’s life is the final straw that heralds a bloodbath and Phil pursues his man relentlessly against the backdrop of a town in the grip of two rival gangs. Will he get his man or become a victim?


An only child, unloved and unwanted by his parents, Colin Bailey is a bitter, emotionally damaged young man, hell bent on exacting a bloody revenge on anyone who has stopped him becoming the person he believes he was destined to be.
What sets Colin apart is his intellect and meticulous planning. Detective Phil Hounsell pursues his man relentlessly while trying to avoid the small town in which he works sliding further and further into the grip of two rival gangs.
A devastating event in Colin’s life provides the final straw that heralds a bloodbath.
Can Phil prevent it happening or will he too be a victim?


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A Sting in the Tale



A collection of twelve short stories with an unexpected twist at the end. There are love stories, ghost stories and tales of revenge, all sprinkled with a touch of humour. In fact there’s something for everyone, young or old. There are characters and situations you will readily recognise, but will you identify ‘the sting in the tale’ before you turn the final page?

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