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Here Comes Summer


Well to be honest it’s warm rain and the occasional gusting windy day. We’re nowhere near in a settled situation. I can remember there being four pretty distinct seasons, with occasional blurred edges when I was a lad growing up and even in my early married life, but times have changed. The UK weather is nothing like that these days. Glorious sunshine & Mediterranean temperatures for a week in March then in June when people are looking to go on holiday, it’s ‘changeable’ with no sign of a settled spell for another three weeks (At least! They’ve given up on long range forecasting altogether!). Continue reading →

Education’s A Wonderful Thing


What a strange few weeks this has been! Beautiful warm weather, without a hint of a threat of rain, until the Diamond Jubilee weekend of course! This constant increase and decrease in temperature of 10 degrees(C) is playing havoc with my old bones. I just wish it would even out at about 22C and stay there until September!

Walking to & from school for the summer exams has been a pleasure, as has been invigilating the pupils, who on the whole have been better behaved & better prepared than in previous years. Continue reading →