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    The Islamist terror attacks resume.

    The Grid wields its power with sustained bursts of criminal activity.

    Government resources are stretched to breaking point as austerity cuts hamper their response.

     Olympus agents, with the help of the Irregulars, try to help without revealing their involvement. They are unaware of the Grid’s plan to use a Trojan Horse to breach their security. What will become of the Project if that happened?

    Tyrone O’Riordan and his mother Colleen are at the heart of the action once more. Phoenix and Rusty target the menace of the moped gangs and then race back to the West Country as danger walks the streets close to home at Larcombe. Will they be in time?

    To balance the chaos generated by terror and organised crime those living at Larcombe Manor have cause for celebration. There are both long-overdue and surprise announcements.

    Orion (Phil Hounsell) makes a shocking discovery in his first task for Olympus. He brings news from Scotland that rocks the Project to the core.

    Packed with current issues of political and economic concern this eleventh book retains the intensely realistic feel of the whole Phoenix Series.

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