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A rogue cosmetic surgeon causes the deaths of several patients. Drug dealers target even younger children, and the school gates become the latest point-of-sale. In the sixth adventure of the series, Olympus agents confront domestic crises which carry them across England, Wales, and the Irish Republic in pursuit of their prey. The action is intense; danger only a moment away.

Larcombe Manor adjusts to the arrival of baby, Hope, as New Year celebrations began at the Project’s HQ. In the first months of 2014, Phoenix must consider the future. Can he continue to risk his life in the field, now he has a daughter?
As for the Project’s leaders, they are aware of the need to strengthen the organisation after the recent attempted coup. The Titans may have been defeated; but a new era dawns, and the nightmares are far from over.

Elements that make up this sixth story are found to fit together, like pieces of a jigsaw. It becomes clear Olympus faces the insidious growth of a major criminal network with branches in every major city in the UK. Who is the mastermind behind it? Can they regroup in time to prevent it gaining a stranglehold? Only time will tell. There are many stories left to be told.

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