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    Why did pet shop owner Mark Malone die in a hail of bullets in May 2015?

    Gus and the Crime Review Team are faced with many questions, but few answers.

    Killer Ricky Gardiner is on the run from the police. Who will catch up with him first?

    Tragedy and triumph are intertwined in another gripping instalment in The Freeman Files

    Barking Mad has a variety of characters and story threads that keep you turning pages.

    Mark Malone’s BMW had tinted windows, a lowered suspension, and a loud car stereo. He drove it at speed along the Beckhampton straight late at night back in 2015. That wasn’t unusual. It was hard to resist speeding on that stretch of road. Hundreds of drivers got caught speeding there every year in the old days. Several died in high-speed accidents.

    What made the Malone incident different was that fifteen minutes earlier he’d stopped at a JET garage on the A4 in Bath Road, outside Marlborough. A grey 7-series BMW stopped behind him, and the two drivers appeared to argue. The attack might have been a case of road rage or mistaken identity.

    As Malone reached the outskirts of Devizes, someone fired six shots with a handgun. Malone lost control of his car and hit several parked vehicles before ending up in a garden. He got hit twice in the head and died in the hospital later that morning.

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