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    Dr Ian McGuire, a research scientist was shot dead in his kitchen in 2004

    The original investigation found no motive, no leads, and no suspects

    Gus Freeman and his Crime Review Team have a tough cold case to solve

    In this fourth book in the Freeman Files Series, the case becomes the least of their worries

    Late on a quiet afternoon on Saturday, 10th January 2004, Dr Ian McGuire, a Southampton football fanatic, was working at his home in Amesbury. He had one eye on the kitchen door he was repainting, and the other on the TV screen for the football scores. Outside in the darkness, a killer crept silently through the small back garden and fired two shots through the kitchen window from a pump-action shotgun.

    As the team begin to tackle the new case Gus Freeman has other things on his mind

    Who is the mysterious stranger the villagers have seen watching Gus’s bungalow?

    Can Gus discover the ‘mole’ at the Police HQ?

    What next for Gus and DI Suzie Ferris after their night of passion?

    How far would a senior police officer go to prevent a dark secret being exposed?

    Full of twists and turns. Watching how the team works together is pure enjoyment. The romance and humour add another layer of depth to this crime fiction”

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