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    The drama unfolds over forty days and forty nights across the UK.  

    The Grid’s story continues as death becomes a constant companion to Phoenix and his colleagues.

    Can Olympus halt the reign of terror perpetrated by The Grid?

    Direct actions against gangs in the North and South of the country help Phoenix deliver telling blows. Drug cartels are targeted in Manchester. Gangs trafficking illegal immigrants through southern ports to be sold into domestic slavery and massage parlours are on the agenda too.

    In London, Hugo Hanigan is a worried man. Who is behind these attacks? The police? Impossible. Rival gangs? They wouldn’t dare. As the megalomaniac banker wrestles with these problems, Colleen O’Riordan has assumed control of her husband’s gang. Tommy languishes in HMP Belmarsh. His appeal is doomed to fail, but a transfer to Durham offers a possible opportunity for a prison break.

    Colleen has begun her ascent to the summit. She wants to grab the reins of the all-powerful Grid. Is there a place for Tommy in her plans?

    A prison break brings a further twist in the tale. A darker force emerges. One that threatens to become the final opponent for Olympus. So much can change in such a short time.

    When this story reaches its conclusion one thing is certain, what follows next promises to be even more exciting and unpredictable.

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