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    Will the frantic search for DI Suzie Ferris and her kidnapper have a successful outcome?

    Can Gus end the careers of the corrupt senior officers behind her disappearance?

    Despite everything the Crime Review Team has another cold case to unravel.

    Dennis Gates was shot dead in August 2010. His killer was never found.

    The team members have their own crises to face. Will they buckle under the pressure? 

    Final Deal has two stories woven together to produce a gripping climax not to be missed.

    Dennis Gates, a forty-nine-year-old car dealer was murdered in Marlborough, in August 2010. The police believed it was a possible contract killing. A young man drove onto the forecourt of the garage, pulled up by the office door, and calmly walked around the front of the car. Gates came to the door expecting to greet a potential customer, and the killer swung the gun up and fired twice from point-blank range hitting Gates in the throat.

    Gus Freeman is a great character. He's a recent widower, and retired detective. Gus is a multi-dimensional character who is not only called on to help solve a crime, but also deal with his personal issues. It is always a joy to read this author's stories. He is not just a writer but a great storyteller.”

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