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In the final book in the series we join the action at Westminster as the vote of confidence takes place. Which way will the vote go? Will the government fall? Could the forces of evil take advantage of the vacuum in the lead-up to a General Election?

Can Olympus continue to thwart the ambitions of the all-powerful Grid? Will the authorities be given the resources to uncover the truth behind the Olympus Project themselves?

Will the Larcombe Manor families survive the troubled waters that lay ahead in 2015? These are the unanswered questions. Many dangers face the Olympus agents before we reach the climactic conclusion of ‘Larcombe Manor’. It will be as unpredictable as the other eleven books in the series. Strap yourselves in. It’s going to be a ride to remember.

“Tayler is generous to his readers with dynamic characters and intricate plots. His characters manage to take their own personal tragedies and use them as motivation to fix the world.”

“Using current issues of political and economic concern Tayler gives his stories an intensely realistic feel.”

“Spinning a tale of fear and violence that could have come from world headlines.”

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