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    The action never slows. The tension never slackens.

    The Phoenix stares death in the face once more.

     Detectives Hounsell and Wheeler return. The past threatens to catch up with Phoenix.

     Rusty Scott works alone in London on the trail of a rogue foreign diplomat. An Olympus crew responsible for the disposal of bodies from an earlier operation leave evidence that could endanger the work of the Project. Phoenix and Rusty are sent to clean up the mess.

    The excitement level never dips in this third book in the series. Whether it’s during the Somerset floods or the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. A terrorist cell arrives in South Wales via the Irish Republic and as members of the Royal Family drive through the crowded streets of Bristol the suicide bombers lie in wait.

    There are police personnel everywhere, but they are unaware of the threat. The Olympus agents move unnoticed into position. Can Phoenix and his team save the day?

    Erebus, the figurehead of Olympus retires to the island of Ibiza. Athena takes control at Larcombe Manor with Phoenix by her side.

     What will the future hold for the Project? What dramas lie ahead? After all, nothing is ever forever.

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