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    Newly-weds Phoenix and Athena battle The Grid and its leader Hugo Hanigan.

    Olympus seeks fresh faces to join the Gods and provide finance for its missions.

    Grid gang leader, Tommy O’Riordan, is convicted of murder. Hugo Hanigan immediately takes bloody revenge.

    Every resource at Larcombe Manor’s disposal is at full stretch. All twelve jurors from the trial are at risk. Phoenix and Rusty lead teams to offer protection. The High Court Judge and his family aren’t safe either.

    Hugo Hanigan and the network of organised crime gangs dubbed the Grid attempt to pervert the course of justice. Will the judge reach the Old Bailey to pass sentence on O’Riordan? It’s a race against time.

    Phil Hounsell and Wayne investigate a serial stalker. The already tenuous links between the security services firm and Larcombe Manor grow stronger. After they identify the culprit, Henry Case, the Chief of Security at Larcombe does the rest.

    If only Olympus could find the elusive madman who heads the Grid. Action needs to be taken to flush Hanigan out. Phoenix and Rusty lead the retaliatory strikes.

    In this seventh book, Tommy O’Riordan’s wife emerges from the gangster’s shadow. Colleen O’Riordan promises to be a formidable adversary for both Hanigan and Olympus.

    A nostalgic trip to Dublin for Hugo Hanigan brings the curtain down on this part of The Grid’s story. It continues in the eighth book ‘Evil Always Finds A Way’.  

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