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    The Olympians and the Titans are in a power struggle.

    A traitor inside Larcombe Manor must be uncovered.

    There’s new life to protect as Athena prepares to become a mother.

    The Phoenix needs all his skill and intelligence to keep his colleagues and loved ones safe. If the final battle is lost, the Titans will take the organisation in a darker direction altogether. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow democracy in the UK.

    A disillusioned DCI Phil Hounsell leaves the police. With a new colleague in Wayne Sangster, their security firm hunts down missing persons and provides bodyguards for celebrities. A tour of the UK keeping watch on a Sixties female pop star seems lucrative; but Honey B has a dark secret. Could Phil have leapt from the frying pan into the fire?

    All these story threads in book five are woven together to produce a rich tapestry of good and evil. Life’s all about balance, isn’t it? Who will win the day to face ‘A New Dawn’ that awaits?

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