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    The Grid becomes all-powerful under its new leadership. The UK is on the brink.

    An onslaught from organised crime combined with attacks by Islamist extremists takes its toll.

    Can Olympus stem the tide without revealing its hand?

    Step by step the true nature of the main protagonists becomes clearer. Olympus has always operated in secret. Will its security be breached at last?

    The bombers focus on the rail network and early strikes in London and Edinburgh have a catastrophic effect. Larcombe Manor is in mourning yet Olympus has to respond. As the ice-house teams hunt down the bombers and determine which station is their next target, Phoenix and Rusty travel north. The lessons of the grooming gang menace in the past had not been learned. Action is required.

    Hugh Fraser and Ambrosia press forward with her plans to move closer to the summit of Olympus. Her suggestion that homeless veterans be offered a lifeline by Olympus has been fast-tracked by Zeus. The Irregulars move into Birmingham New Street for their first mission. Can they help Olympus prevent a third tragedy?

    These are some of the story threads in this tenth Phoenix book. The pace is relentless. There’s enough passion, excitement and tragedy to last a lifetime. All squeezed into three weeks.

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