Every day is different for the Indie Writer. Write, Re-Write, Edit, Blog, Social Media, Reviews, Cover Design, Panic and several more things. That’s just Monday of course; sometimes other days of the week can be busier.

A list of Top 5 Indie Writers for 2015 included some great names and then I spotted this among the ‘honourable mentions’ and was choked. Someone has noticed. I keep saying I’m making small steps in the right direction. Well now I know I’m right.

ted tayler-01

“Ted Tayler has created a character I’ve unabashedly fallen in love with. “The Olympus Project” is book one in “The Phoenix Series”. Colin Bailey is the hottest new hero to come out of fiction in a while. Renamed Phoenix by the secret organization that drafts him into their service, Bailey is the best vigilante I’ve ever salivated over. Obviously there is no lack of characterization in this book. It’s action packed, sexy, unpredictable, and current.”

In fairness to the writers who hit the Top 5 and those who got mentioned like myself here’s the link.

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Twitter: It's Not Rocket Science

On the 28th August ‘Twitter:It’s Not Rocket Science’ launched. This little book tells how I got 100k followers on a shoestring, and shows YOU step-by-step how to get as many followers as you feel you need to enhance your business or interest. Whether you’re a corporation, a writer, or a dog-walker just setting up, there are hints and tips that will speed up your actions and increase your connections. It will be FREE to download for THREE days from the 29th August. Just watch out for news of the next FREE promotions. Then grab it!

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