Ted Tayler was born in Corsham, Wiltshire in 1945 and moved to Melksham in 1950. He began singing with local bands in 1963 and managed to combine travelling around the country with holding down a job. His love of all types of music spans over fifty years.

Ted is now retired and lives with Lynne, his wife of over forty years. They have three children in their thirties and four grandchildren. His first publication was his book of memories from his years singing with bands. ‘We’d Like to do a Number Now’ sold moderately well and reunited the members of the last group he sang with and led to a one-off reunion gig in November 2012.

His first novel ‘The Final Straw’ touches real life issues of loss, dying and a sense of purpose. To balance the darker sides of the book there are moments of humour and music too. The story deals with family drama, tragedy, death and revenge. Colin Bailey’s experiences turn him into a stone cold killer with a lack of emotion that will make your skin crawl. And yet it’s hard not to feel some pity for him when, just as he thinks he’s created a safe haven for his family, their world comes crashing down. It’s ‘The Final Straw’ that opens the floodgates.

‘A Sting In The Tale’ a collection of 12 short stories each with an unexpected twist followed. From July 2015 the book is being serialized on the digital publishing platform Channillo.

‘Unfinished Business’ the sequel to ‘The Final Straw’ is a fast paced thriller that follows Colin Bailey on his journey of revenge pursued by DCI Phil Hounsell and his colleagues. In ‘The Final Straw’ Colin avoided capture and escaped to Africa; will he be so lucky this time? You’ll need to read ‘Unfinished Business’ to find out!

Ted’s thriller series featuring ‘The Phoenix’ opened with ‘The Olympus Project’ which introduced us to a secret organisation with its HQ on the outskirts of the city of Bath. All the familiar themes are there; criminals being brought to justice, wrongs being righted and threats from terrorists tackled against the background of a remorselessly ticking clock!

The second book in the trilogy ‘Gold, Silver, and Bombs’ saw the Olympus agents continuing to bring closure to victims where criminals appear to be above and beyond the law. Set against the backdrop of the London Games in 2012, British security services, backed by unseen support from Olympus, had to prevent an organised terror attack on the Olympics. What if the real danger came from a lone wolf? Could a bomber slip through the net?

Ted has published a bargain-priced compilation of his first two novels to feature Colin Bailey. ‘Conception’ gives readers the chance to discover what moulded the character of the man who was to become ‘The Phoenix’

Keep your eyes open for ‘Nothing Is Ever Forever’ the third and final book in ‘The Phoenix’ trilogy late in 2015.

In a complete change of pace, Ted has issued ‘Twitter; It’s Not Rocket Science’ a self-help guide on How To Get 100k Twitter Followers. 30 pages which deliver a step-by-step account of how Ted achieved this target himself in less than four years, for next to nothing, just a modest amount of time each day.