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by Sheri A Wilkinson on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

The third instalment of The Phoenix series picks up immediately after the 2012 Olympics, with Olympus agents dealing with criminals . Police Officers Phil and Sara are back and ready for action. We are taken to Somerset floods the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and ultimately the day that Erebus (head of The Olympus Project) Retires.

The plot is original with vivid detail, bringing you into the story. The characters are well developed, and likable. There is an equal amount of action, adventure, drama, and intense moments. Overall I found Nothing Is Ever Forever, an enjoyable and exciting action/adventure. I highly recommend to all.

by Maggie Way on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Fantastic follow up to those who are avid fans of the series, but also a great standalone book. If you have not read any of the books, get started NOW!
This third installment picks up immediately after the 2012 Olympics, and that is all I will give away in terms of spoilers!
Rusty is fabulous as always with his witty and quick thinking dialogue and still remains my favourite character of the series.

The plot is original with vivid detail and the characters are likeable, flawed and three dimensional, bringing me straight into the story. I found this a very enjoyable read over the holiday season and you will find yourself engrossed and itching to turn every page. I highly recommend to all looking for a high action and adventure packed entertaining read.

by Gloria Antypowich on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Ted Tayler delivers again!

This is the Third book in the Phoenix Series. I started with Gold, Silver and Bombs, and had to find out how it began, so I read The Olympus Project and now I have read all three of them.

I love a good thriller and Ted Tayler has never failed to deliver in this series. The Olympus Project features a highly skilled group that work behind the guise of a Charity, but in fact, they are deadly assassins who move anonymously through Society and mete out “justice” when the judicial system fails. I see it as kind of a vigilante group that works behind the scenes to eliminate those who do not get caught or get off too lightly when they do get caught. If I’m honest, I have often thought that there is a place in society for a team like the Olympus project.

In this book we get insight into the lives of those on the “right side” of the law; officers of the Portishead station working hard, searching out criminals who commit despicable acts that should be punished fully, but get off with little or nothing. We also see the human side of these people—loneliness, lust, infidelity, struggling marital relationships, different gender preferences, people who are so involved with their careers that there is little time for anything else. Zara Wheeler is one of this group who is dedicated, and determined—willing to ignore the rules of conduct that should bind her when she feels that she needs to rescue or support a victim. She is also very intelligent and is a potential threat to the Phoenix.

As the book begins the police are dealing with domestic abuse as well as human trafficking that is a deplorable form of modern day slavery. I believe the author writes with authenticity and I was shocked to imagine that it could be a big problem in Britain.

When the Olympus group enter the story they are dealing with the same problem, in their own way. The first shot is directed at a man who has terrorised two helpless “slaves.” Knowing he has diplomatic immunity and will never see justice, a member of the group is sent to dispose of him. No one suspects it isn’t suicide.

Then the Olympus group receive intelligence that a jihadist terrorist cell is planning to attack the crowds and the visiting Royal family. The Olympus group is smart, but the terrorists are too. This becomes a knuckle-whitening, fast moving tale of life and death. No one is immune.

I am always amazed at the mind that creates these spell-binding plots and makes the characters seem so real! I highly recommend this book, but do yourself a favor and start with the Olympus Project—Book One and read the whole series.

by Tony Parsons on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A fairly well written Crime Thriller book. It wasn’t always very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish, but never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a large set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great crime action movie, or mini TV series. To be continued. Not sure I grasped the whole story content, I liked it; but I am only going to rate it at 4/5 stars.

by Glacier95 on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

“Ted Tayler has done it again, a great read with believable characters and storylines”

The exploits of Colin/Phoenix continue in this once again, difficult to put down read! I am impressed with the way in which the author has developed the character and storylines since his first appearance on the scene. The difficult, (or should that be worrying), thing to accept when you read this book is that all too often you, the reader, tend to find yourself identifying with Phoenix as a plausible addition to a country's protection services. In this instance a threatened terrorist plot aimed at the Royal Family on a visit to Bristol is the main story thread. However, the ability of the author to interweave a storyline involving Phil Hounsell and Zara Wheeler from previous outings is very clever. I read the introduction to the next outing of the Phoenix, handily tacked on at the end of "Nothing is Ever Forever" and am already waiting for Ted Tayler to complete it!

by Amy Shannon on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Nothing is Ever Forever by Ted Tayler
January 1, 2016
Intensively captivating!

This is the third book in the series about "The Phoenix" and I my opinion, it was the best one yet. This book follows "The Olympus Project" and "Gold, Silver and Bombs". The story is well written, and the characters interact so well together, it makes you wonder which "wrong" will be righted by the Olympus agents. Despicable humans are being punished for their heinous crimes, and sometimes, that includes one of their own. My favorite is Rusty, who is eerily calm at the tasks he performs, and it makes him very interesting. The book was a great page-turner and I would recommend the entire series. I have read each one, and it is probably best to read the stories in order to gain the best insight into the characters. Great book to start the new year with, look forward to Tayler's fourth book in the series.

by Lubna Chaudry Sengul on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

“Full of action that keeps you holding on to the edge of your seat”

The Olympus project is like an undercover justice set-up that right the wrongs of a failing justice system. Phoenix is on a mission to eradicate terrorists before they plan a huge attack. This mission has you on the edge of your seat to see how it all turns out. Reminds me of Mission impossible!

by Elizabeth Horton-Newton on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

“Taut Action Tale with a Tight Plot and Complex Characters”

This latest book in the Phoenix series once again shows Ted Tayler’s skill at creating a thrill packed story of terrorism. His ability to weave recent events into a taut tale of good guys versus bad guys is unsurpassed.
In Nothing Is Ever Forever Phoenix and the Olympus Project are faced with another high priority assignment. I didn’t think Tayler could top the action surrounding the London Olympics but he has. Now the terrorists are poised to strike directly at the British monarchy and it will take all the skills of Phoenix and his associates to stop them.
Tayler’s insights into the operations of ISIS and British security are phenomenal. He sets the tone early on and the tension builds beautifully. There is less of the romance between the beautiful and capable Athena and our hero in this book. But Tayler is smart enough to remind us she is there and electricity still flows between these two. Following through on hints in earlier books Erebus moves toward retirement and naming Athena as his successor. Some new characters are introduced and old characters revived.
While the talents of the Olympus Project and the terrorists well designed plans are the focus of the book, the real life experiences of the characters are never neglected. Tayler is able to give his characters substance and genuine identities. These aren’t simply “soldiers” in a war of terror; these are people who have ordinary lives filled with love, pain, and uncertainty.
I particularly enjoy the progression of Phoenix during the course of the books. He matures as his involvement with the Project is solidified. Tayler’s proficiency as a writer also develops positively in each succeeding book.
If you have read either of the earlier “Phoenix” books you are certain to enjoy this one. While it can be read as a standalone story, the experience will be even more enjoyable if you read the series in order. At any rate, be prepared to stay up all night to reach the dramatic conclusion of this brilliant part three of The Phoenix series.
I was given a copy of this book for an honest, unbiased review.

by Nithya on Blank Business Name
A Sting In The Tale

“A superb collection”

It's a collection of well written short stories with all genres thus everyone will have something they like. Each story has its own twist with while some of the twist (maybe one or two) are predictable but most of the time you will never know it until you reached the end. My favourite stories are "The Class Of ‘64" and "Come to Rest". It's a perfect book for those who have a very little time to spare or having a hectic day and want to read some nice quick stories to relax and enjoy yourself.

by Munkykween on Blank Business Name
A Sting In The Tale

“A good page turner”

It’s one among the books which I have read recently which had good surprises at the end. As it’s a collection of 12 short stories, the reader can expect to come across lots of twists and turns with each title. A good page turner with well-developed characters. Being a collection of different genre based stories; all readers will find something that suits their taste. All the stories start with a good introduction and carries the plot perfectly as the way it is expected out of its title

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