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by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
Revenge Comes In Many Colours

Rule breaking - which Phoenix does best.
Don’t tell author Ted Tayler, I am having a virtual affair with his character, Phoenix. Like a hungry lover, I wait for each new book in his series, eager to learn what my vigilante hero is up to. Even his relationship with the beautiful Athena has not put me off. In the latest book, Revenge Comes In Many Colours: The Phoenix Series Book 9, Phoenix does what he does best; he breaks rules.
Following up on the actions of the nefarious Hugo Hanigan and the brilliant but evil organization he steers, The Grid, Phoenix and the crew make more strikes at the group. But the mysterious Hanigan has more problems than The Olympus Project. The crime kingpin has enemies he might suspect but doesn’t have enough sense to fear.
While Hanigan sits in his tower, believing he is omnipotent despite hairline cracks in his empire, Phoenix gets down and dirty with some of the shifty, heartless underlings who bleed the poor dry. He does it without the “permission” of the Project and outside of their rules; rules he himself had a hand in creating.
Meanwhile, back at home base, life goes on as naturally as a vigilante group can. Athena balances her role as wife and mother, with the challenge of overseeing the activities of the Project. On the surface normal life seems to continue and outsiders who have relationships with members of the group go blissfully along, unaware of the deeds that must be done to remove evil influences from Britain.
Henry Case, a man whose mission is often dark and deadly, has fallen head over heels for the Reverend Sarah Gough. However, the sweet Sarah has no notion of the shadowy activities that go on at Larcombe Manor. Henry is caught between a rock and a hard place. If Sarah learns of the requirements of his position, will she walk away, horrified?
Athena’s and Phoenix’s baby girl, Hope, is going to be christened. Sarah is the officiant. She and Henry are once again exploring their growing relationship. But, Henry ponders how their affair could be derailed by what she might learn. In addition, he feels guilty hiding that part of his life from the kind-hearted Reverend.
And what of the newest council member, Ambrosia, who has goals of her own; goals that may disrupt the inner workings of Olympus? As relationships are formed, the heart of the series remains the constant battle between the vigilantes and the criminal groups they seek to eliminate.
As always, author Ted Tayler leaves readers with a tantalizing cliff-hanger. Colleen O’Riordan, wife of the late head of an arm of the Grid, is feeling her muscle. The only person standing between her and her goal of attaining the master position of Grid-mother. Her only path to this lofty role is to eliminate Hanigan who holds the reins as tightly as a suckling baby does his mother’s breast. Like all talented evil-doers, she realizes assassination is her only viable path to success. Unable to perform the dirty deed herself, she must choose a champion. Who will be her knight gallant and will he (or she) manage to dethrone Hanigan?
As with all the Phoenix books, this latest addition offers lots of action and intrigue, while separating the daily lives of the characters. These are damaged humans, struggling to right wrongs while often utilizing nefarious methods.
I can’t wait for my next assignation with the sexy and capable Phoenix. Please don’t let Athena or the author know of my obsession.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
Evil Always Finds A Way

Tayler brilliantly intersperses the vigilante and criminal activities with the personal lives of the characters.
The eighth book in the vigilante series revolving around Phoenix and the Olympus team lives up to the standards set in the earlier books.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
Something Wicked Draws Near

Ripe with reprehensible characters that will stop at nothing to fulfil their master’s demands.
Once again, Tayler takes the reader to the dark underbelly of Britain.
Tayler does an excellent job of balancing the battles with “normal life”. From the bad guys to the victims, the characters are well developed and worthy of attention.
The book ends on a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to read the further exploits of both the vigilantes and the criminals they hope to defeat. Great job Mr. Tayler! Keep the stories coming!

To say his writing is a wonderful blend of storytelling is an understatement. It's exciting and a real pager turner. I can't tell which one is my favourite, but every time I read a new instalment, I like it better than the last, and one of the best parts is that the characters are well developed and they're continuing to grow. The writing talent of Ted Tayler also continues to grow, and it brings a depth to the story.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
A New Dawn

The thrill continues! Ted Tayler always know how to bring new thrills to his stories, and this one really had me intrigued. He brings a true realism to his plots, while making them the perfect escape from everyday life. I don't want to give any spoilers, but as a long-time fan of this series, this did not disappoint.Justice efficiently delivered. A New Dawn is the sixth book in this action filled series by Ted Tayler and it does not disappoint. As in earlier books the team pursues criminals efficiently in spite of difficulties and setbacks. New members are introduced and challenges are faced.The insights into the personal thoughts of Phoenix's character always make the books more interesting. Tayler’s ability to give multiple dimensions to his characters gives his books a genuine slant. He works the relationships between his characters smoothly into his plots.I love a good series. More than that, I love it when I can follow characters with different adventures and watch as the writing of the story grows, and the characters, also grow. A good writer writes. A great writer continues to grow in writing, in story-telling, and bringing more change and depth to the characters. A New Dawn is one of those stories, it’s filled with action and thrilling suspense, just waiting for danger to jump out.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
The Price Of Treachery

Each book is better than the last, and hard to put down. Tayler is a genius at character development.
This story was fast-paced, well versed and had plenty of twists and turns, even ones I could not even conjure up.
Character development is spot-on as always, and I am excited to see what happens in the next instalment.
Ted Tayler manages what many authors fail to do; he keeps his reader engaged and invested in the activities of his characters over five books.
Fast paced, intricate, and very well detailed,
New characters pepper the pages raising the tension throughout.
Tayler weaves a tale of political intrigue that could be taken from today’s CNN reports.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
In The Lap Of The Gods

The plot is original, with vivid details, likeable characters, and non-stop action.
Tayler has a unique way of telling his story, and bringing Phoenix to life
Fast and intense vigilante action.
Tayler has created a fascinating array of characters.
Tayler has a great grasp of creating consistent tension.
Good book with an interesting story line which would make a great action film.
Tayler’s remarkable sequel is full of tension and suspense, similar in nature to its forerunners.
The relationship between the cool, meticulous Phoenix and the sophisticated, discerning Athena is one I thoroughly enjoyed.
A gang leader who may be the most manipulative psychopath yet.
Plenty of fascinating surprises woven through the chapters and high powered action to keep you entertained.
Ted Tayler develops great plots that deal with current social issues. I love his

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Taut action tale with a tight plot and complex characters
Once more shows Ted Tayler’s skill at creating a thrill packed story of terrorism.
His ability to weave recent events into a tale of good versus evil is unsurpassed.
Characters with substance and genuine identities; people who have ordinary lives filled with love, pain, and uncertainty.
Tayler’s proficiency as a writer also develops positively in each succeeding book..
Ted Tayler has done it again, a great read with believable characters and storylines.
I have often thought there is a place in society for a team like the Olympus Project.
A knuckle-whitening, fast-moving tale of life and death. No one is immune.
I highly recommend to all looking for a high action and adventure packed entertaining read.
Tayler has invented a brilliant set of characters; it only remains to be seen what they get up to next.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
Gold, Silver, and Bombs

Another fast-paced, riveting Tayler novel with a descriptive and unforgettable cast.
Atmospheric settings, clever twists mixed with reality make his books plausible and entertaining.
Spinning a tale of fear and violence that could have come from world headlines.
The world could use groups like the Olympus Project to rid society of some of its festering sores.
This had it all for me—excitement, drama, suspense, intrigue, sex great dialogue and rich description.
Very pertinent modern day social issues were woven into the plot, and the results were not sanitized. Ted Tayler has become the latest “favourite author” on my list, and I will be reading more of his works.
A compelling, intense page-turning all night read. I was hooked from the first page!.
Compelling, intense, and thrilling. I could not put it down. Engaging fast-paced and gritty.
Phoenix is certainly my kind of hero...with just the right amount of fallibility.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
The Olympus Project

A surprisingly fast read and several notches above other books in its genre.Location descriptions and credible characters only add to the thrill.You can appreciate the fine quality of the writing as each chapter never loses momentumThere’s a magical lure about this book which echoes Tayler’s earlier novels.It’s easy to picture each scene, not only through outstanding story-telling, but convincing dialogue.It wouldn’t surprise me if this book found itself in the forefront of a long-standing film series!Despite Bailey’s dark side, I found myself liking him; a likable bad guy doing what needs to be done.Tayler's intrigue is so very timely, given world events. I can easily see the premise of his work being real.Vigilantes motivated by hope for a better world and justice delivered where the system fails.Author Ted Tayler is generous to his readers with dynamic characters and intricate plotsThe characters manage to take their own personal tragedies and use them as motivation to fix the world.Weaving a tale of political intrigue, secret organizations, and romance.An old-style elegance in narration and action, reminiscent of Roger Moore's James Bond movies, gaining pace and action as the plot develops.The thriller offers this enticing concept – a vigilante organisation getting at those who elude justice, like the Avengers, minus the superhero stuff.The author provides a cool account of events, no mushy emotional stuff, simply intense action, plots and execution. Fans of secret agents, spy matters and action have a full meal served here.Using current issues of political and economic concern Tayler gives the story an intensely realistic feel.The author has created a protagonist with a past that grabs and keeps the reader’s interest.If you are a fan of gritty crime thrillers, you need to read Ted Tayler.

by Ted Tayler on Blank Business Name
Conception - The Birth of The Phoenix

Conception is two earlier books Unfinished Business and The Final Straw combined to give the full backstory as to how Colin Bailey became The Phoenix. As maternal matters go, this was free of any labour pains. Although pain was certainly the aim as anti-hero Colin Bailey initiated his meticulous maelstrom of revenge and righteousness upon the uncaring, and moreover, unsuspecting world. From the first line 'Colin Bailey was invisible' it is clear that this book will be a journey of regret, revenge and a litany of deep longing for a life that had been denied. Although Mr Tayler writes his prose with a conversational knowing wink, and scenes play out as if one's watching a high end drama, there is a constant inner pain that threads through, giving a touching, engrossing realism, which in less experienced hands, would have descended into predictable cliché. This is storytelling at its finest!

It is interesting to see, when both books are read back to back, that a clear change in tone has come through. The Final Straw has Bailey as a loner; a shy and confused young man. Unfinished Business shows the transformation, and demonstrates what the love of a good woman has done for him. Accomplished, confident and cool. This is the tone of the second book. There is also certain arrogance that becomes Bailey’s downfall in the final scenes.

As one goes through the book, it becomes apparent for all Bailey’s intricate planning and his great intelligence, his lack of emotional connectivity leaves him open to make mistakes. The hostage taking is perhaps a step too far. He believes himself to be untouchable, and doesn’t factor in people with similar intelligence on his tail. A miscalculation that results in a heart-pounding ending, and one for me, that establishes Mr Tayler as a master craftsman in the written word.

I really enjoyed Conception. It is one of those reads that engrosses and captivates. I would highly recommend Mr Tayler’s exciting opus into the mind, motivation and life of a disturbed but incredibly likeable young man, and I look forward to reading about the shadowy world of the Olympus Project and their role in Bailey’s new life. (Michelle Medhat)

In Conception, the main character is a cold murderer. Colin Bailey is the sum and substance of revenge; he is not a serial killer against society or a particular kind of person he picks from the crowd. Colin Bailey, the main character, has the guts and the icy blood many people dream of possessing. He hunts those who made him suffer with acumen and method and gets away with murder. His motivations are flimsy but any person can relate to them, in the big sense of mankind's hard moments of life. And actions that sound callous seem justified because the talent Ted Tayler reveals is astounding. I went to bed at 3 am and it's Tayler's fault. I couldn't drop the book.
I can't pinpoint the moment when I started to cheer for the murderer, But I so did! Disconcerting. I am not easily affected and I read any genre. Ted managed to arise such reaction from me and he bewildered me. I remember the last time a book did that- I was 15 years old, reading Gone With the Wind, a master piece. Only then an author made me share a character's mind to the point of feeling the worst of actions justified. Scarlett O'Hara and Colin Bailey will stay in my records as the worst and the best.
Conception stands for a difficult writing technique. It is the old storytelling with a few sentences of dialog scattered in the book. The reader gets the psychological understanding of the character and the narrator slips in his opinion. The book deserves 5 stars; I have no doubt. Once more I see how much traditional publishing misses. Ted Tayler is an amazing artist, one of the best I have ever read. I found myself supporting his criminal, and it scared me, but I hoot for Colin's creator. I hope Ted can make his living out of writing. We would be very lucky if he did. (Luciana Correa)

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