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by Lynda M Filler on Blank Business Name
The Olympus Project

Loved this story. A mystery with twists. Vigilante justice. Definitely a fun book to read. Grabs you from the start leaves you wanting to know more.

by jennifer dease-neall on Blank Business Name
Gold, Silver & Bombs

"Engaging, fast=paced gritty read"
I loved the pace of the first book in the series, and Tayler certainly didn't disappoint with book 2.
Gripping and a bit gritty, just the way I like vigilante type justice.
An intriguing read of fiction but with some real world issues mixed in to lend a 'it could happen" energy/air to the story. Colin is certainly my kind of hero...with just the right amount of fallibility.

If you like quick and engaging reads, with twists and grit then this is a must read.
If only Olympus type organizations really existed in a world that certainly needs it.
Well done Tayler for bringing us yet another fast paced, we'll written story line as well as wonderfully built characters.

by Amazon Customer on Blank Business Name
Gold, Silver, and Bombs

Mr. Tayler's second book in the Phoenix series is filled with modern day issues that face the world. While the book is filled with action as Colin is integrated into Olympus the beginning had a slow start for me. Mr. Tayler does a great job instilling tension in the reader as he takes them through the 2012 Olympics in London. A good read.

by Alan J Shellard on Blank Business Name
We'd Like To Do A Number Now

I really enjoyed reading this book. Ted has been in bed with my wife and I over the recent weeks of the Christmas period 2015 as I read a chapter each night on the iPad. I saw Heart n Soul on many, many gigs in my youth and I was a huge fan back then. Ted wrote of people , venues and shows I knew back then , from the church choir to shows at the Granary. This book is well written, funny and well worth reading by any aspiring group who set off looking for that elusive stardom.

by Coco's Reviews on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Nothing Is Ever Forever: The Phoenix Series Book 3 Kindle Edition by Ted Tayler is the 3rd installment of the Phoenix series. To get the full impact of this story I recommend all three of the books in this series be read. Once you open the book, it becomes a real page turner, just like the previous two. You won't put it down until the end. Then as you read you'll begin to feel as though you are becoming a part of the story. Ted Tayler has a way of writing a great thriller and he doesn't let you down with this one. This would look great on your bookshelf. It would also make a great gift for anyone who enjoys a real good thriller. It's a 5 starred, wish I could give it more, highly recommended book to all. Now I wait for Ted Tayler to hit it #4 out of the ballpark too.

by Linda Strong on Blank Business Name
The Olympus Project

“Fast paced well written thriller”
Colin Bailey is a man on a mission. His wife and daughter were murdered. Because the killer got off with a slap on the wrist, he has been a one-man killing machine, plotting and planning and killing those who have not been touched by justice. These could be pedophiles or crooked cops. His most recent job didn't go as planned ...and now he's been rescued from the police and a watery grace by a total stranger. His savior is head of a secret organization run and operated by ex-military men and women, who are stationed all across the nation removing anyone who poses a threat to the country, to the economy, to justice.
Renamed Phoenix, he is offered a job with a lot of perks ... money, clothes, a little face reconstruction ... arms ... and best of all, he gets to do what he does best ... kill. This is a great set-up for a series. He gets to exact revenge and right wrongs his own way. He's cunning and diabolical. He's actually more of an anti-hero. I found myself rooting for him as he dispatched the terrorist cell, and the crooked cop with a penchant for young girls. The one thing he must not do .... is put this organization in the lime light. If he gets caught in any way, he will be totally on his own. All killings must be made to look like accidents or suicide. And always, leave enough rope so law enforcement will be forced to see the evil one of their own did.
This is a fast-paced well-written thriller. Some of the activities mimic things that are going on in our country today. So the question is .... when is it more than enough? I really look forward to reading the rest of the series!

by J. Thomas Munson on Blank Business Name
A Sting In The Tale

“Short stories with a twist. Brilliant!”
A Sting in the Tale by Ted Tayler, is by all definitions the correct title for these short stories. Each ‘tale’ is told with humor, revenge, love and the supernatural, yet for every tale there is a sting to accompany it. For how Tayler has written these short stories, he leaves it to the reader to find, the ‘sting’ in each of his stories, which in turn delivers a desire to read all of the stories. With a trust worthy and thorough style of writing, Tayler delivers plot twists, suspense and a dapper of humour persuades the reader to be literally within the story. Descriptive scenes and illustrative passages puts the words on the page into a full wide screen version of themselves revealing such vivid passages and inviting details. High regards and remarks for this series of short stories. A Sting in the Tale by Ted Tayler proves that short stories can have merit when so many others falter.

by stu joslin on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Classy stuff again!
The third book in the 'Olympus Project' series sees the Phoenix continue his adventures as a member of the undercover anti-terror organisation, and the stakes are higher than ever before.

Being as I am a long standing fan of Ted Tayler's fiction work, I was looking forward to this book greatly and when it arrived it didn't fail to deliver. Tayler's well researched, easy writing style leaves you turning each page and getting to the end of the book already wanting to start the next one. The action passages are well plotted and paced, and you will find it hard to take your eyes away from the action as the Phoenix and the team race against time to avert another disaster. Add in the romantic sub-plots and the possibility of a new member joining the team in the next book, and you have another solid entry in this series. Tayler has invented a brilliant set of characters, and it only remains to be seen what they get up to next.

If you are thinking of picking up the 'Olympus Project' series, I'd heartily suggest beginning with the first book and working your way through. You won't have to wait long to be impressed!

by Sheri A Wilkinson on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

The third instalment of The Phoenix series picks up immediately after the 2012 Olympics, with Olympus agents dealing with criminals . Police Officers Phil and Sara are back and ready for action. We are taken to Somerset floods the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and ultimately the day that Erebus (head of The Olympus Project) Retires.

The plot is original with vivid detail, bringing you into the story. The characters are well developed, and likable. There is an equal amount of action, adventure, drama, and intense moments. Overall I found Nothing Is Ever Forever, an enjoyable and exciting action/adventure. I highly recommend to all.

by Maggie Way on Blank Business Name
Nothing Is Ever Forever

Fantastic follow up to those who are avid fans of the series, but also a great standalone book. If you have not read any of the books, get started NOW!
This third installment picks up immediately after the 2012 Olympics, and that is all I will give away in terms of spoilers!
Rusty is fabulous as always with his witty and quick thinking dialogue and still remains my favourite character of the series.

The plot is original with vivid detail and the characters are likeable, flawed and three dimensional, bringing me straight into the story. I found this a very enjoyable read over the holiday season and you will find yourself engrossed and itching to turn every page. I highly recommend to all looking for a high action and adventure packed entertaining read.

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