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GTold, Silver, and Bombs

Jul 02, 2015 by Bbreviews

I really enjoyed the premise of this book and the thought of reading such a fast paced thriller as the other reviews called it. And it was fast paced, just in a different manner.

This book is told from the third person omniscient point of view, one that I'm not fond of, but I didn't hold that against the author. What I didn't enjoy was how fast the author would jump from character to character, often to just dump more information on the reader and go back to the main character, Phoenix. Now the plot was full of twists and turns, which kept me reading, but there were a few grammar and punctuation issues that could have been resolved from having another set of eyes read through. There is a good story here though and for the price, it's a decent buy.
It just needs a couple more wrinkles ironed out.

'Gold, Silver, and Bombs'

Jun 29, 2015 by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

“Gritty and compelling”

In his second book of the Phoenix series, “Gold, Silver, and Bombs”, Ted Tayler ramps up the action and the tension. As the Olympus Project tackles the potential terrorist attacks on the 2012 London Olympics, Colin (Phoenix) rises in the esteem of his fellow Project warriors. The teams pull out all the stops as they attempt to outwit terrorist plans to use the Olympics as a vehicle for their violent assaults on England.
Meanwhile Colin’s private life becomes more complex as his relationship with Athena grows more passionate and an old flame resurfaces. His focus has to remain on the tasks at hand but the alluring Athena is virtually irresistible.
Tayler vividly paints the excitement surrounding the London Olympics while spinning a tale of fear and violence that could have come from world headlines. Managing to integrate Colin’s hard boiled nature with the softer human side is not an easy accomplishment, but Tayler does it neatly. Getting into Colin’s head, he shows the man beneath the steely exterior, making the character so true to life he could be your neighbour.
Leaving the reader hungry for more adventure, Tayler has woven a tale that will keep you racing to learn the outcome. I highly recommend this book and look forward to more challenges for the Olympus Project and Phoenix

'Gold,Silver, and Bombs'

Jun 28, 2015 by Stu Joslin

Tayler's All Gold!

Ted Tayler is back with the second instalment of the Phoenix series, which sees the ice cool serial killer turned secret operative Colin 'Phoenix' Bailey, and the other members of the Olympus Project, in a race against time to save the British public from a group of terrorists targeting the London Olympic Games.

First of all, I would highly recommend reading the first book of this series before you embark on this one, as this will fill you in with a lot of background information on both Bailey and the Olympus Project, how they came to be and what their goals are (Also, it's another great novel!). Happily this novel is more of what I have come to expect from Tayler - it's a well paced thriller that keeps you turning the pages right until the end, with a superbly written denouement that you might not be expecting - I know I certainly wasn't! On finishing the last page I found myself already looking forward to finding out how 'Phoenix' would deal with the events of this book, and what the future holds for the Olympus Project.

There can't be many better thrillers out there this summer - so bag yourself a copy now!

'Gold,Silver, and Bombs'

Jun 28, 2015 by Granite95

Ted Tayler's books are difficult to put down as he draws the reader in with his style of story telling.

Just finished reading this, the second of Ted Tayler’s “Phoenix Trilogy”. The author is on top form again with his choice of both subject matter and the development of his story lines. Yes, we all know that the London Olympics are a distant memory now but it still does not detract from reading about possible scenarios that could have occurred. Whether they would have been dealt with in such an efficient manner in real life is another matter.

The addition of a secondary storyline with the developing relationship between Colin (the Phoenix) and Athena is a means of making Colin almost seem normal. You tend to forget about his list of victims at times and I was waiting for DC Phil Hounsell to make an appearance somewhere in the book. However I suppose the fact that it is the second book in a trilogy meant that it was highly unlikely that the main character would be caught and banged up, or worse!

As with Ted Tayler’s previous offerings I found it very difficult to put my Kindle down as I wanted to know what happened next.

As I await the third instalment of this trilogy I am in two minds as to how I want it to end. There can be no denying that Colin is a cold blooded killer and that he deserves to be punished for his crimes committed prior to his re-invention as the Phoenix. However a part of me can understand that certain members of society today would see him as performing a useful role, especially as, under certain circumstances, various governments around the world have used such clandestine operatives!

As the holiday season approaches you could do far worse than to download this to read on your flight or by the pool!

'Gold,Silver, and Bombs'

Jun 28, 2015 by Sheri A Wilkinson

“A compelling, intense page-turning all night read. I was hooked from the first page!”

The second instalment of The Phoenix series, The Olympics are being held in London. British security services, backed by unseen support from Olympus, are trying to prevent a terror attack on the Games. Could a bomber slip through the net and actually pull this off?

A fast paced action thriller. The characters are well developed. There are those we like, and those we don't. There is a perfect mix of descriptive details, and dialog.

There is quite a bit going on, but the story is very easy to follow. Gold, Silver, and Bombs is compelling, intense, and thrilling. I could not put it down. I was hooked from the first page. Great as a stand alone but I strongly suggest reading book one in the series: The Olympus Project.

'Gold, Silver, and Bombs'

Jun 28, 2015 by CMT Stibbe

‘A Winning Streak’

Another fast-paced, riveting Tayler novel with a descriptive and unforgettable cast. Jeremy Faversham, an experienced hunter, hacks across the Cotswold countryside on a brisk January morning towards a copse near Downend Farm. He has no idea he is being watched, no idea he is in danger. No longer a fit man, overindulged and willing to take the easy route, he heads for the five barred gate, a route he’s familiar with.

The Phoenix, now fully integrated into the Olympus Project, glasses his binoculars over the countryside. With varies parties scattered across the West Country each doing their own surveillance and with their own agenda, he is well aware that any incident would be hard to investigate. Picking one rider in the hunt, he follows his quarry, knowing exactly which route the rider will take. There is nothing in that part of the wood to explain why such a fatality made front page news and it was latterly chalked up to an accidental death.

But this man’s death is met with scepticism. His dirty-dealings are widely known and some just too close to home. It comes as no surprise that his fellow hunters couldn’t care less and even the Gloucester coroner wants to dance on his grave.

Colin Bailey can now tick that box. Mission successful. But as terrorists develop new measures to carry out a main strike at the London Games and the streets are beginning to teem with people of all different nationalities, Bailey’s brief has never been more challenging. Having removed the most dangerous personnel from a national cell and with the best of surveillance to hand, what could possibly go wrong?

Tayler is clever at creating atmospheric settings, clever twists mixed with reality to make his books plausible and entertaining. Further, it becomes obvious that Tayler knows his subject matter. It’s also interesting to note that much of the intricate detail that floats to the surface in these books is only a portion of what the author actually knows. Already on his sixth book, it’s plain to see Ted Tayler is on a winning streak.

Very Well Written

Jun 22, 2015 by CMT Stibbe

Being a fan of vigilante thrillers, I knew the Olympus Project would be right up my alley. It’s a surprisingly fast read and several notches above other books in its genre. The location descriptions and credible characters only add to the thrill, and the enticing mood will stay with you for days.

Colin Bailey is half submerged in the icy waters below the Pulteney Weir, gripping to a nearby branch. He has escaped death and so far evaded the police, but not without swallowing a lungful of water. You can appreciate the fine quality of the writing as each chapter never loses momentum and true to form, Tayler has sculptured an ideal action hero in Bailey. As he listens to the throbbing blades of a police helicopter and darkness approaches, we can only hope the probing search lights won’t find him and that he’s safe amongst the trees. A starched suit only adds to the mystery as well as a few good men.

There’s a magical lure about this book which echoes Tayler’s earlier novels, establishing a style and pattern most readers have come to love. Bailey is so life-like I begin to wonder if he has been fashioned in Tayler’s likeness. It’s easy to picture each scene, not only through outstanding story-telling, but convincing dialogue. Bailey finds himself in a Grade One listed manor house near Bath outfitted with a range of military hardware fit to blow a mind or two. He might have truly thought he had perished in the waters of the Pulteney Weir, only to wake up to an array of new faces which may have been surgically reconstructed in the medical unit. Bailey is as curious as his captors who quite expect him to make the most of his surroundings; ostensibly the SAS elite of the Olympus Project. Perhaps he’s amongst family.

Tayler certainly knows how to hold a reader’s attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if this book found itself in the forefront of a long standing film series with people clambering for a front seat!

The Phoenix -part Bond, part Batman

May 24, 2015 by Amanda Miller

This one is different from many I’ve read. It has a bit of an espionage feel to it. The way the organization tracks down and eliminates threats sounds like something out of a James Bond movie. But instead of a government-sanctioned intelligence outfit, The Olympus Project is a group of well funded vigilantes that hide their activities from the world. They have the money and the skills to fight evil from the shadows. So it’s like 007 and Batman teamed up and created a family of rich, fed-up, bad asses who will do whatever it takes to keep their world safe.

I will say that I enjoyed the book immensely. Being a bit of a comic junkie, I thrive on the tragic back-story and the members of The Olympus Project are full of more material than an X-Men issue. But unlike comics, these stories hit a little closer to home. Someone losing those they love to a murderer or a terrorist is a very plausible scenario in our world and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever watched an episode of Bones or NCIS (or any other show) and thought about how I would handle such a situation. The characters in this book manage to take their own personal tragedies and use it as motivation to fix the world; and each of the bigwigs in the organization has their own cross to bear that has driven them to become a protector of the weak and defenceless.

The story was very intriguing and well written. The author throws in a lot of detail about the people and the scenery so it is easy to picture the story in your head. There was a bit of a language barrier for me though. Yes, it is written in English but the dialect is very British. Now, words like boot and jumper, I understand perfectly but there are some words used very differently across the pond than here in the states and I’m not an anglophile so some of it went right over my head. The majority of it I was able to discern from context but there were a few words that I never did understand.

I also found difficulty with the structure–particularly paragraphs and punctuation. I’m not sure if it is a difference in writing conventions between the US and UK or if it may have been a formatting issue but dialogue was separated from the paragraphs and sometimes it took rereading to see who was speaking, then internal commentary was also in quotations so it was difficult to know if the character was speaking or not. There were also comma issues and an excessive use of exclamation points that I found distracting enough to negatively impact the overall rating. I say this one deserves an 4.25 star rating. It has a great story and well developed characters that I look forward to reading more about in the future.

Action packed and sexy!

May 22, 2015 by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

When is a bad guy not really a bad guy? When he is Phoenix in Ted Tayler’s exciting book “The Olympus Project”. Tayler wastes no time in getting the action started in this high tech, guns blazing story of Colin Bailey. When I picked this book I didn’t realize Colin Bailey had made his initial appearance in an earlier Tayler book. This says a lot for “The Olympus Project” since it stands perfectly on its own. Tayler does a great job of giving Colin’s back story while weaving a tale of political intrigue, secret organizations, and romance. From the moment Colin Bailey is saved from drowning the story moves forward fluidly. Each new character is introduced and developed cleverly. Colin is drawn into the secret organization, The Olympus Project, and is re-named Phoenix. This seems a particularly brilliant choice since the rest of the world does not know that Colin is still alive. He has in fact, been raised from the ashes of his past life to be reborn as a trained and efficient killing machine. These killings are assigned by the mysterious group of British gentlemen and one very sexy woman based on the evil doings of the targets. These targets have escaped more conventional methods of punishment so the Project steps forward to take out the trash. Over the years they have developed a trained group of operatives with the demand their work remain secret. As Phoenix embarks on his assignments he perfects his already excellent skills and becomes a top champion of good versus evil. Using brilliant details and plans Tayler creates missions that are both exciting and believable. Underneath it all he generates a sexual tension between Phoenix and the emotionally wounded but very sensual Athena. Carrying painful baggage from her past she is reluctant to become involved with Phoenix but the desire increases and soon she has to admit what her fellow cabal members already know. Using current issues of political and economic concern Tayler gives the story an intensely realistic feel. By the end of the book I was panting for more. I can’t wait to read the next instalment. Tayler wisely leaves the reader with questions that demand answers. While I’m waiting for the sequel I plan to go back to Colin Bailey’s roots to learn more about what makes this fascinating character tick.

A Rousing Good Time!

May 17, 2015 by Wolfgang Schimanski

The Olympus Project endeavours to reach some lofty heights …no pun intended. A very well written book describing the antics of a few British gents who have decided enough is enough by setting up an organization dedicated to wiping out the world’s evils, one strike at a time. And they never leave any trace of their handy work once the job is done. Add a crafty new member to the team named Colin a.k.a. Phoenix and a sexy co-assassinator named Athena certainly provided some spice, killing skills and tension to the whole ball of wax. Very entertaining, I personally would have liked to see a lot more action and intrigue although the depictions of various British and abroad locations kept things moving smoothly along. An enjoyable book.

Ted Tayler , USA 4.7 5.0 52 52 I really enjoyed the premise of this book and the thought of reading such a fast paced thriller as the other reviews called it. And it was fast paced, just in a different manner.

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