Something Old, Something New

‘A Genuine Mistake’ #12 in the Freeman Files Series went ‘live’ on 27th March.  

I plan to start writing #13 “Strange Beginnings’ by the middle of April.

I didn’t have to think too hard about what I might do after finishing the last book. The weather brightened for a few days, and I was invited to carry out remedial work to the patio. Invitations from my wife aren’t RSVP; they’re a call to action.

A cold wind arrived from the Arctic this week, and outside activities have been curtailed; so, I’ve taken the opportunity to publish more collections: –

 A Box Set for Books 7-9 in the Freeman Files Series

A Box Set for Books 10-12 in The Phoenix Series

A Collection of Something Old, Something New called The Long Hard Road.

The Long Hard Road

Are you searching for real characters and original story lines? Do you want books that you can’t put down? For anyone that hasn’t read me before then this collection gives a flavour of what to expect. Why not give it a try?

I can’t promise French hens or turtle-doves – but there are 2 short stories, 2 anecdotes, 3 blog posts, poems, a sketch, a dash of humour and a full-length novel to enjoy.

It was fun compiling this mixed bag, and at $1.99, it’s great value.

Friday the 9th of April looms large! That’s when my next BookBub Featured Deal is scheduled for the Freeman Files Box Set Books 1-3. Last September when they featured this title, it had a mere NINE reviews. Today that figure stands at 1028. Fingers crossed for another good day.

I’ll be back with an update towards the middle of May.

Take care, stay safe.

Best wishes

Ted Tayler

A Frequent Peal Of Bells

I often wondered how approaching retirement felt. Those weeks and months as you neared the date when you could officially pack up work. Redundancy robbed me of that anticipation, and I was thrust into semi-retirement with no time to prepare.

I’ve kept busy in the past eighteen years with exam invigilation and quiz compiling for a decade each. In the past six years, I’ve written fiction. In two weeks’ time, the eleventh book in the Phoenix series will be published. That leaves me with just one more to write. Four weeks in May/June to write a fitting end to series that’s given me so much pleasure.

I plan to post the odd blog and promote the eighteen books I’ve published since I started, but retirement beckons. I’ve got time to prepare this time around, and to be honest – it feels right.

Yesterday (9th April) saw almost 1200 downloads. Figures are a third up on 2017 in general. I can’t complain. I received this from an ex-schoolteacher in Missouri last month: –

Just recently discovered Olympus and Phoenix. I am midway through Book 5 and totally committed to making my way through all of the books. I’ve visited so many of the places mentioned in your books that I’m comfortable with settings. Your characters are so believable that I’m easily drawn into their lives and activities. Although I am no fan of Phoenix’s music choices, I am totally in sympathy with his mission. Congratulations on weaving a tale worthy of our oral traditions.

And ONE week later: –

And now the waiting game begins. Finished Three Weeks in September, Book 10 and eagerly await number 11. Wow! I thought Demeter was an evil witch, but this new member is a true snake in the grass. Chilling. My total fascination with this series remains strong. I am surprised to see so few posts on this FB page. I am going to have to encourage my friends to read the Olympus series.

That’s why we write isn’t it?

There are others out there who will react the same way. I just have to find them. It’s not imperative I slog away with more books about The Phoenix or start a new series altogether. What’s done is done, and good enough to spark that reaction.

I’ll be back with news on the FINAL book sometime in May. 

If you want regular updates on all my books, why not join The Phoenix Club? Newsletter (#23) will be circulated very soon.