The More The Merrier


Hello again. Hard to believe it was a month ago I wrote about Sweet Sixteen.

When you’re writing every day the time just slips away.

The Freeman Files Box Set of Books 1-3 has a Featured Deal with BookBub at the weekend.



‘Creature Discomforts’ #7 in the Freeman Files is available NOW on Amazon. If anyone wants a free copy in return for an honest review, then let me know. 

I’ve started to write about Ursula Wakeley, the spinster from Mere (on the edge of Salisbury Plain) who was stabbed during a robbery in January 2013. 

Gus and the team have extra pairs of hands to help crack that one, plus dig deeper into the mystery surrounding Grant Burnside’s death.


There are Phoenix fans among you who yearn for the stories to mingle on occasion.

Do you recognise the mystery red-headed gunman in ‘Creature Discomforts’?

If you’ve been with me for the long haul, you will recall Tanya Norris and the others when Phoenix visited Swindon in 2012.

I never anticipated the complexity of writing two series where characters might bump into one another. I’m sure someone will check – but, no, there wasn’t another operation underway that would have prevented ‘you know who’ being on top of that warehouse roof on the date specified.

That’s the only potential clash to date. I shall have to be on my toes if there is any further overlapping of the stories.

I remember that I told you about the guy that contacted me and said how much he loved The Phoenix Series. Well, he was back last month. He’s completed the series, and is now catching up with the earlier books, followed by the Freeman Files series. Even better, he’s persuaded several of his mates to start reading my books.

We can all dream, I guess. Two days ago, I found a message on Facebook (hidden among the awful new layout!) from a lady who ALSO loved The Phoenix. She doesn’t enjoy the best of health and her condition means that she spends a lot of time watching TV. Especially, Netflix and Amazon Prime, neither of which I’m familiar with because I’m usually writing or reading. She bemoaned the quality on offer and begged me to consider getting the series televised.

I explained that you tend to have to be asked first and as far as I knew I wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

She asked whether I would mind if she approached the companies concerned and suggested they give my books a look. I conceded that it couldn’t hurt and told her that her kind words were more than enough for me. Who needs fame and fortune at seventy-five, I thought. Then, I remembered Captain Sir Thomas Moore (100 years young). Who knows?

I’ll be back with an update in October. Take care, stay safe and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler


A Frequent Peal Of Bells

I often wondered how approaching retirement felt. Those weeks and months as you neared the date when you could officially pack up work. Redundancy robbed me of that anticipation, and I was thrust into semi-retirement with no time to prepare.

I’ve kept busy in the past eighteen years with exam invigilation and quiz compiling for a decade each. In the past six years, I’ve written fiction. In two weeks’ time, the eleventh book in the Phoenix series will be published. That leaves me with just one more to write. Four weeks in May/June to write a fitting end to series that’s given me so much pleasure.

I plan to post the odd blog and promote the eighteen books I’ve published since I started, but retirement beckons. I’ve got time to prepare this time around, and to be honest – it feels right.

Yesterday (9th April) saw almost 1200 downloads. Figures are a third up on 2017 in general. I can’t complain. I received this from an ex-schoolteacher in Missouri last month: –

Just recently discovered Olympus and Phoenix. I am midway through Book 5 and totally committed to making my way through all of the books. I’ve visited so many of the places mentioned in your books that I’m comfortable with settings. Your characters are so believable that I’m easily drawn into their lives and activities. Although I am no fan of Phoenix’s music choices, I am totally in sympathy with his mission. Congratulations on weaving a tale worthy of our oral traditions.

And ONE week later: –

And now the waiting game begins. Finished Three Weeks in September, Book 10 and eagerly await number 11. Wow! I thought Demeter was an evil witch, but this new member is a true snake in the grass. Chilling. My total fascination with this series remains strong. I am surprised to see so few posts on this FB page. I am going to have to encourage my friends to read the Olympus series.

That’s why we write isn’t it?

There are others out there who will react the same way. I just have to find them. It’s not imperative I slog away with more books about The Phoenix or start a new series altogether. What’s done is done, and good enough to spark that reaction.

I’ll be back with news on the FINAL book sometime in May. 

If you want regular updates on all my books, why not join The Phoenix Club? Newsletter (#23) will be circulated very soon.