If you have stuck with this ‘Long, Hard Road’ blog post for a while, you’ll know that nothing ever stays the same in this game, from one month to the next. When I started out, I used to feel obliged to write something every two, or three weeks. Lucky for you, I settled on a once a month update. I’ve seen some bloggers who are ‘at it’ every day. Heaven knows what they find to write about, but it’s not for me. It would be like being on one of the most extreme switchback rides ever at an amusement park.

At the end of August, you heard about my ‘bump in the road’. The Penn-inspired ‘ad-stacking’ experiment for the box set which in the end yielded $60 towards the $95 spent. Overall, I suppose it wasn’t too big a bump.
(The eagle-eyed among you will spot that one site is still to give me that date for the Spotlight I booked. So, there’s $65 out there that may yet bring results, unless it was a scam site, of course?).

On September 25th I started to use the box set as my bargaining tool. If you recall, my strategy now is to generate downloads on Free days in a Countdown Deal, using my best performing promo sites. I have 4 more days to schedule between now and December 1st. I chose Freebooksy at $85 as my flagship performer. When I checked progress late on Monday evening, the box set was at #3 in Crime Thrillers, #6 in Suspense Thrillers, and #42 Overall on the Free Kindle charts.

I slept well. I was reasonably confident that meant I had received 1000-1500 downloads over the 24-hour period. When I checked the numbers in the morning, it was 3487, the best day I’ve ever had.

The next Free day (make a note in your diary) is next Monday 9th October. By the end of the year there could be 8000 box sets out there. I’ve got 10000 words of Book 9 done, and ‘Revenge Comes In Many Colours’ will appear on Amazon by December.

Will every one of those 8000 readers love the box set so much that they will each buy the next 5 books in the series? I wish. Whatever happens it’s given me every reason to finish the last 3 books in the series next year.

My target for 2017 was 16000 units. I hit that on the 25th, thanks to Freebooksy. My dream of 20000 is only 4 Countdown days away. I could run an occasional promotion on other titles too. I’m tempted, but I don’t want to tempt fate. That next big bump is probably waiting around the corner.

It’s a Long, Hard Road after all.

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