The longer gap than usual between blog posts has been due to several things. I’ve been writing for 32 days and have completed ‘Three Weeks In September’.
I know, you thought I was hard at work on ‘The Noble Heart Cracks’ #10 in The Phoenix series. Well, the title didn’t match the plot in the end. That’s what happens when you let the characters loose and they disappear over the horizon making up their own plotlines.
This week I’ll be editing. Next week I start writing #11, which is now entitled ‘A Frequent Peal Of Bells’. Whatever happens, it must be written, and edited before we fly to Ibiza on holiday at the end of April.

Promotions in January and February went ahead as scheduled, and there have been 4500 Downloads/Sales YTD, which is most encouraging. My concentration has been on writing & editing. The numbers appeared with a lot less input from me than in previous years. The end is in sight, and that’s my focus.

My writing ‘career’ has always been three steps forward, two steps back, so there have been setbacks since I last posted. It took until the end of January to get Amazon to upgrade the Product Pages to my satisfaction. I also upgraded the four titles in the Box Set (taking the opportunity to feed the changes into the original books too). More editing to satisfy the critics who concentrate more on the packaging than the content.
I know I’m a Philistine, but I believe the story is what’s important. More of that next time.

I uploaded the new files to Amazon KDP and Createspace. All went well until mid-February when Createspace sent a Content Validation Request. They seem to be confused over whether I actually wrote ‘The Olympus Project’, or at least, that I own the publishing rights. It was stupid, but it’s finally been resolved.

Back to the editing, then the new book. I hope to be in touch before April, but you never can tell.

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