How was July for you? A mixed bag I imagine, rather like it was for me.
The BBQ summer has been abandoned, as another disappointing spell of weather has gripped the UK.

We used to get warm rain when I was a boy on my school holidays, interspersed with wall-to-wall sunshine. Eventually, a thunderstorm would bring the magic to a violent end, but it was soon over, and normal service resumed.

These days the jet stream settles itself far lower, and as a result we get strong winds, blustery showers and cold rain instead of sunshine. Today, it’s more like October than the first few days of August. If only moving abroad was a viable option.

‘Evil Always Finds A Way’ was published towards the middle of July, and a couple of reviews have surfaced. I started on the promotion game as soon as I could, and there have been more successes than failures in the past month.
I did hit the 12000 downloads towards the end of July, just to reaffirm what I wrote in my last post, that money governs everything.

The week-long celebrations for my wife’s 65th birthday went extremely well. We had a terrific weekend away to start the ball rolling. The afternoon tea in Bath was scrumptious; and all the children, and grandchildren came to us on the following Saturday, for food and drink, and of course – the cake.

There’s nothing to be gained by sitting still. Book #9 will soon be started, but in the meantime other things should be reassessed. I’ve decided to issue a boxed set of Books 1-4 in The Phoenix series. It will be priced at $2.99 (a $2.50 saving on the list prices). I’m looking to use several promotion sites in an ad-stacking campaign. Lots of downloads on the same day is the target. That should give the overall series lots of exposure, and if that stimulates extra sales of books 5-8 (already priced at $2.99) that will help me finance promotions for the rest of the year.

As well as preparing the boxed set; I’ve overhauled the website, and shuffled the pack on my buffered Tweets. I’ve designed dozens of images for my Instagram account, and bought a K-lytics analysis of the Mystery, Thriller, Suspense genre to further assist in focussing my marketing. I’ve added to my knowledge on book promotion sites and which perform well in my genre. I’ve reviewed a dozen or so books, and am currently 80% of the way through ‘How To Market A Book’ by Joanna Penn (@creativepenn). So, I’ve not been idle.

Now, if the weather had been perfect… who knows how little I could have achieved? It’s an ill wind, they say. I’ll be back in September with an update. Keep warm and dry.

If you want regular updates on my books, why not join The Phoenix Club? The August Newsletter (#14) will be circulated in a few hours.

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