Thank goodness, some might say. After all, the shops prepare for it before Halloween and you can’t avoid the TV adverts begging you to spend far more money than you can afford.

I remember Christmas at home in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. A lone stocking attached to the mantelpiece over the fireplace. Inside was an apple, an orange (a luxury) and perhaps five chocolate pennies wrapped in gold foil. There was a proper gift that needed to be unwrapped too, just the one, and it was generally a book. An annual, more often than not, with hundreds of pages to keep me amused well into the New Year. 

I’ve still got some of those books. They’re treasured possessions, and merely flicking through the well-worn pages evokes warm memories of those long ago family gatherings to celebrate Christmas.

As for the obscenely expensive gifts that will be exchanged in a few weeks’ time, how long will they last? Many will be discarded within weeks. It will be the worry over how to pay for them that will last well into 2019. 

It’s too much to hope that we will rediscover the true spirit of Christmas, but as we reach the end of another year, I want to wish everyone who happens to read this post a Happy Christmas and a New Year with many opportunities to make this world a better place. Believe me, it needs our help. 

P.S.: – November saw little change on the book front. (No pun intended). The new covers are almost ready. I shall be busy from mid-December onward updating this site, plus all my other social media outlets and then after almost a three month gap, I can restart the promotions for the Phoenix series. 

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