This could be the first time I’ve coined a new word. I doubt it will catch on, but there you are. When life deals you a few negatives it’s important to recognise a rare positive.

October did indeed turn out to be a testing time. The promotion was a disaster. I had my lowest return in downloads for eighteen months. Added to that my sales figures fell off the edge of a cliff. Many theories were spread on social media to explain the drop and it was reassuring (almost) to learn I wasn’t the only writer to suffer the same fate.

As I understand it, Amazon made a raft of changes, they switched servers and odd scraps of data went missing for a while as they got up to speed. Some authors found their eBook data was 100% intact, but overnight they were no longer offering a paperback version. Rather than tell everyone there might be a problem, Amazon chose to wait for those affected to shout.

My attempts at producing fresh covers wasn’t successful. I managed to create 12 new covers, but experts advised me against making the switch. They still screamed ‘amateur; so, I’m searching through Thriller pre-made covers for a themed approach to The Phoenix series. (I have selected 10 out of 12 at time of writing).

Last month I updated my genre family & keyword data. In the first two weeks of October I re-wrote the ‘blurbs’ for the 12 books in the series. I was looking for more impact. I’m happier than I was before. It remains to be seen whether they work with the new covers when they arrive.

I’ve scheduled a promotion for the 12th November. The last time I used Riffle Books (for the Box Set) it generated 1500 downloads. I’m praying for a similar result on ‘The Olympus Project’. 

When I opened my Instagram account I posted book-related images and backed them up with humorous pics. In October, I added two dozen hashtags to every image & POW! I suddenly got traction. Loads of likes. Loads of Profile visits and new followers at a steady rate. It’s the only flower in bloom in my window box at present.

We’ve been there before. Nil desperandum. When the new covers are ready, I’ll have a ‘new look’ to plug across all of my social media accounts. The New Year promises to be busy. The only way is The Phoenix way. Onwards and upwards.

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