There’s been a longer gap than usual between Newsletters and that wasn’t because I hadn’t been thinking of you. I prayed each and every one of you was still fit and well when I got back in touch.

Lockdown continues here in the UK for someone like me. As I mentioned last time, I found very little difference in my daily routine in those early weeks – the occasional social outing involving friends and family stopped completely, but that was it.

I planned to use the extra free time to publish this next book by the end of April.

So why the delay?

It was a combination of things. The BookBub Featured Deal for Book #1 in the Freeman Files Series was sensational. As a result, April produced more Sales, Page Reads and Downloads than ever before. I suddenly realised I had readers waiting for the next title. I experienced pressure for the first time since I retired. I didn’t have writer’s block, but I certainly struggled to get the usual number of words done per day.

An audiobook publisher contacted me asking if they could handle the Freeman Files series on my behalf. I was tempted, but then I worried that April was just one month. An exceptional month triggered by Covid-19 and an unprecedented surge in the need for books to read.

There’s always a ‘spike’ with a good promotion deal and it’s followed by a honeymoon period where figures thrive. After a month, the honeymoon ends and although Sales don’t tend to drop back below the average prior to the deal, they stabilise until the next ‘spike’ occurs. Maybe that’s why I thought of ‘Onwards and Upwards’ as The Phoenix Club’s motto?

I kept my promise to post daily quizzes and Ted’s Weekly Tips until the end of April. They didn’t take much time to prepare, but it was preventing the flow of my writing so I stopped. Once I put my undivided attention to ‘Final Deal’ everything came together and it’s ready now to hit the bookshelves.

Book #5 ‘Final Deal’ in the Freeman Files Series went ‘live’ in Kindle format today. If you want to read and review it then just let me know and I’ll gladly forward a .mobi copy.

To those of you who have been with me for a long time, you know that by July 2018 I was convinced I’d written my last word. Nine months later, my wife said after my first BookBub Featured Deal – “You need to write something for people to read after they’ve finished the Phoenix Series. Get out from under my feet and back in your office.”

I thought Gus Freeman was a character I would enjoy writing about. I sketched out six stories based on actual unsolved murders and by December I had four titles ready. I published ‘Fatal Decision’ with no fanfare or expectation, and followed up releasing a title each month until March. Books 5&6 should have been written by the end of February and released in mid-April and mid-May.

Although Sales between December and March didn’t catch fire, I was enjoying the writing so much I opted to extend the series to ten books. I sketched the content, sourced the covers, and looked forward to another quiet, uneventful summer, followed by a genuine retirement.

Funny how things turn out, isn’t it? What does my wife say? “Are you sure it’s only ten?”

I start writing Book #6 ‘Barking Mad’ in a day or two.

I’ll be back with an update in June.  Take care, stay safe and best wishes. 

Ted Tayler

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