Marching on into April that is. After the revelations last month about what really counts in this crazy world of writing, have things quietened down?

Not at all. The pattern remains the same. Two steps forward, one step back. I’ve finished writing ‘Something Wicked Draws Near’ #7 in The Phoenix series. The cover is ready, and the blurb. Editing is 90% complete. The Kindle version will be published in three weeks at the latest. The paperback shouldn’t be very far behind.

I held off on promotions in March, until a Books Butterfly feature in the final week. The last one I ran with them five months ago was successful. This one only yielded 50% of my ‘guaranteed’ target. A refund is in order.

However, my total number of downloads in the first quarter was still only just short of 7500. When I look at how that compares to the last half of last year it’s amazing. Now the writing is done with I can spend time searching for the best sites to use over the next eight weeks. I need to keep the pressure on!

I received an amazing review for ‘Conception’ last week, which described it as ‘a masterpiece’. It came from a Brazilian blogger. Is this a new market opening up I wonder?

Have you ever passed a comment on a less than stellar performance of something you use, only to find there’s an immediate (unexplained) improvement? Well, my Twitter statistics have shown a significant change for the better this month, without me putting any effort in whatsoever.

For me, it’s back to the grindstone – editing, polishing, preparing slideshows, and getting ready for a holiday at the end of the month. When I get home, I’ll be starting on ‘Evil Always Finds A Way’ #8 in the series.

Have a good month! I shall be busy, as you can tell!

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