Two occasions have passed me by in the last ten days; Halloween and Bonfire Night.
Neither has any real significance in the calendar, yet they attract vast amounts of money spent on them, when family finances are reported to be at breaking point.
It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the marketers sat down several years ago and decided there was too large a gap between the Late Summer Bank Holiday (last Monday in August to any Americans reading this) and Christmas.
Something was needed to stimulate sales as autumn (fall) crept towards winter. So, now you can’t escape the masks and costumes from early September. Bonfire Night should be simple enough; remember, remember the 5th of November. Yet family pets are cowering under beds from the first of the month until the fifth, and often later as freworks litter the night sky.

Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. On the 9th and 31st of October I ran Free days for the Box Set (Days 2 & 3 of my 5 in KDP Select).
Booksends/The Fussy Librarian gave me 1400 downloads on the 9th, and a combination of Digital Book Today/Many Books/Book Adrenaline added a further 800 on the 31st. The latter wasn’t great, but I had a lot of competition. Next year, I’ll avoid Halloween.

My target for 2017 was 16000 units. I hit 18500 by the 31st. My dream of 20000 is only 2 Free days away now, and I have a promotion on The Olympus Project scheduled.
The downloads were welcome, of course, but actual sales have been climbing, and the volume of pages in KENP has been staggering. In October my royalties exceeded my outlay on promotions for the first time. I know, another two months like that, and I could break even for the year. Who knew?
If ever there was an incentive to write, then October provided it, and ‘Revenge Comes In Many Colours’ #9 in the Phoenix Series is 95% finished. I’ll be editing, and polishing by the weekend. The next instalment in the Olympus story should be with you by December 1st.

Take care. I’ll be back with the latest news and a post about the new book in four weeks.

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