As one gets older, days pass more quickly. Two weeks of this new year have gone already. It seems only last week I was preparing for Christmas. What progress have I made towards achieving my goals for 2018? The two days of ‘free’ promotion for the box set on Amazon yielded two thousand downloads via Freebooksy, The Fussy Librarian, and Good Kindles. We’re well on the way to matching one of those goals.

As for writing the three remaining novels, I’m afraid progress has been zero. I’ve blamed the cold weather; it’s too cold to sit upstairs writing without putting the central heating on. My wife and I heat one downstairs room, and share it, getting on one another’s nerves at times. If things get too bad, she’ll decide to hang the expense and tell me to get warmth into every corner of our home; so we can spend several hours as far apart as our four walls allow.

Another reason for the lack of writing is a further bout of self-analysis. I carried out a ‘reverse engineering’ exercise two years ago, and it felt time for another assessment. Amazon (US and UK) have been pedestrian in their updating of my newly-refreshed Editorial Reviews. On some titles they have been slower than that; more a snail’s pace. I had hoped it would all be complete by the end of the first week in January, but it looks like being closer to the end of the month.

Older readers will recall the 10 writers I selected as my benchmark against which my Titles/Covers/Blurbs/Author Profile/Website and Social Media ‘footprint’ was to be measured. Initially, I came out as a size 8, where I was hoping for a size 10. When I decided a refresher was needed last December, I looked at Karin Slaughter’s Editorial Review section, and reckoned if that format was good enough for her, then I had nothing to lose – even if Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver, and the New York Times haven’t reviewed any of my books as yet.

There are still a few titles with the ‘old’ versions, but many now have the updated section as I wanted it to be, plus a refurbished Author Profile on my Author Central Page. No doubt there are other more important things that need to be done, but change is continuous. Any aspect of my online presence that can be ‘tweaked’ to attract more first-time readers has to be beneficial.

The next two weeks will be filled with finishing those amendments, booking the next promotions for February and March; and starting the tenth Phoenix book. I will also be hoping for warmer weather, or a short, sharp, cold spell that forces a review of our heating plan. I can’t delay too long. The three-book goal must be achieved.

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