Book Three in The Freeman Files series is 20% finished. ‘Pressure Point’ will be published in mid-February, around 4 weeks after ‘Last Orders.’

I postponed starting on ‘Pressure Point’ to focus on changes to my earlier Box Sets. All that work is behind me now and it’s full-steam ahead with a cold case concerning the brutal stabbing of 27-year-old sex worker Laura Mallinder in Swindon. This will uproot the Crime Review Team from their office in the Old Police Station as they investigate the 2011 murder on the grubby streets of Old Town.

The complex nature of this case leaves Gus Freeman with more than enough to handle. Nothing is ever easy, as the new Chief Constable marks his card early on. She’s not a fan of retired detectives being resurrected. It doesn’t paint the current batch in a good light if Gus keeps solving murders that they found impossible to crack. I love a bit of conflict, don’t you?

Amazon KDP approached me last month to say #1 in The Phoenix Series had been nominated for a Kindle Deal in India. I received confirmation this morning that ‘The Olympus Project’ will be promoted by them during November which can’t be a bad thing. Why turn down a book promotion that I don’t have to pay for?

I’ve set up a Countdown Deal on my short story collection ‘A Sting In The Tale’. The price is reduced to $0.99 for the 12 stories from Monday 4th to the 10th November.

These initiatives may not produce much of an impact, but it softens the blow of not getting a Bookbub Featured Deal again this month. We’ve been here before. If we can’t make great strides then small steps are still moving us in the right direction – onward and upwards.

I’ll be back with another update in around four weeks.

Take care and best wishes. 



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