Book Two in The Freeman Files series has been completed. ‘Last Orders’ will be published in mid-January, around 4 weeks after ‘Fatal Decision.’









I postponed starting #3 ‘Pressure Point’ because I needed to focus on some changes to my earlier works. Back in 2017 I thought I needed a 4 book Box Set after I’d finished the eighth title in The Phoenix Series. It would have been far more sensible to split the series into sets of three. That’s what I’ve been tackling over the past ten days. So, nine books refurbished and three new box sets in the pipeline.









How many of you have read #7, ‘Something Wicked Draws Near’?

Can you tell me what happened to the man responsible for the death of the young Ghanaian girl Awusi Debrah?

I thought not. That story thread was never resolved… until now. I closed the loop in #8, ‘Evil Always Finds A Way’. It was only a few sentences, but it satisfied my desire to tie  up all the loose ends before I finally put The Phoenix Series to bed.

That was a lesson learned. I try to make meticulous notes for each story thread and tag them as needing to be picked up and resolved in a later chapter, or even the next book. The tag should never get removed until I’ve dealt with it. Poor Awusi Debrah disappeared into the ice-house for Giles Burke and his team to investigate and the file was mislaid.

Mea culpa. I believe it’s the only occasion so far in seven years.

An update on my health. I told you things move at a snail’s pace in the NHS. My appointment is on November 22nd. How long after that the operation will take place, who knows? So far, nothing is stopping me from writing, although if you find a typo in this I have an excuse ready and waiting.

I’ll be back with another update in around four weeks.

Take care and best wishes. 


Ted Tayler

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