If there has been one thing I’ve learned in the past six years it’s that nothing ever stays the same for long. There have been changes to cope with on every aspect of social media. Some have a major impact, most are minor irritants.

In May, I needed to cobble together a Privacy Policy. Perhaps a little earlier in the year, Facebook moved the goalposts on Pages so that posts from Twitter I directed to my Author Page ceased to appear. I never noticed for weeks. I was otherwise embroiled in getting my final book published and trying to convince Amazon to add the same Editorial Reviews material it had accepted for the other eleven books. I gave up that fight in the end.

I complained bitterly that it was a real bind needing to contact KDP & Createspace in both the US and the UK to get anything done. I would love to believe they listened! Either way, Createspace has disappeared into the giant maw of the Amazon beast. If I was still writing, it would have cut my work in half. Typical.

Twitter had a massive clear-out of fake accounts in June, leaving me five thousand followers light. C’est la vie. Bigger accounts lost millions. Less is more. Small is beautiful. It’s not all bad. None were accounts I followed back anyway.

Then Twitter woke up to the practice of some account holders flooding the timeline with the same tweets. I worked with a book promoter four years ago who did this. He had 10 accounts, posting your customised tweet half a dozen times per day on each platform. Of course it was annoying. No, it didn’t bring much in the way of reward. It was money down the drain. It’s a practice I’ll be glad to see the back of.

Buffer advised me last month to create brand-new tweets every month, just in case my schedule infringes the new Twitter rules surrounding such tweets. I have a four-weekly cycle on my platform, where the wording may be similar but the image is always different; and I vary the tweets across every title I’ve written. Variety is everything. I’m going to tough it out. In comparison to those multiple posts across multiple accounts, mine is almost negligible. Anyway, who can dream up something original to say every five minutes? I’ll continue to tinker with things & hope to fly under the radar. Life’s too short.

Talking of that, I’ve used my spare time during August researching my family history. I’ve discovered my grandfather had two sets of twins in his family. I never knew that. One twins, Eliza died in 1889 before her first birthday. The next pair survived into their 70’s. My great grandfather had 10 children, but only half of them reached maturity. When the census was held in 1851, Isaac was in prison. The case never got to court. He was drunk & disorderly on Saturday night. The census was on the Sunday. Can you blame him? Life was hard back then. People complain today, but compared to those days they don’t know how lucky they are.

On a more positive note, it’s over seven weeks since I had a blank day on sales. Exactly, every day has seen a new reader, or someone coming back for more. Happy days.

To keep the fire burning I’ve set out on pastures new. I’m running more ads with my tried and tested promotion sites, plus a a new venture with Bookbub. Their relatively new offering is similar to the Amazon Sponsored Ads in style & make-up. I’m hoping for good things. I’ll report back next month.

At some point I’ll try the Facebook and Amazon Marketing Services route for new readers again, but it’s not cheap & I need to check my ROI on the ads I’ve run this year. If I’m in a strong financial position, I’ll give it a concerted crack. To see if I can turn this slow-burning fire into a blaze. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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