Although I haven’t been adding to my blog posts recently, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. We returned from our annual trip to Ibiza last week. In the days before we left I spent many hours struggling with the best way to end the Phoenix series.
I tried to give more thought to things while we soaked up the sun (when it was available) or out walking (every day). As we landed at Bristol Airport early on Sunday morning, I was still confused.

One reason I hadn’t resolved matters before we left was the impending GDPR. 90% of my books are read in the USA, Australia, Canada, and India. However, the Privacy Policy you can read for this site has to be in place for the few UK/European readers I might have.
As each year passes it becomes clear that we indie authors must run faster just to stand still. Nothing can be ignored for long, or you find yourself hopelessly out of touch.

Anyone who has read my posts will know the trials and tribulations this Long Hard Road have met with on my journey. Some I’ve conquered, others I still struggle with daily. Reviews are nowhere near as numerous as I would like. Good reviews (4* & 5*) still make up over 80% across the board. With the Box Set, the frequency of less favourable reviews that mention the lack of editing has had its effect.
One way I’ve measured that is via my Buffered Tweets. I restrict myself to 8 per day. Two regulars – my daily Independent Author Network tweet and my Permafree ‘The Olympus Project’ plug. During February, March, and April I also posted 3 tweets for the Box Set, and 3 for a variety of individual titles. Overall, the impressions had been steady at around 650 per tweet per day.

During April, the new reviews were an even mix of 5* and 2*/3* but those who posted the good reviews were satisfied with a one-liner saying how much they enjoyed the series, whereas the ones keen to show off their superior literacy qualifications wrote a thousand words telling me why I should pay for an editor.
How many more times must I admit that I can’t afford one? Yet again, I spent days before we left for our holiday using Grammarly/ Pro Writing Aid to improve the Word files for the 4 titles that comprised the Box Set. I updated all 9 books on Amazon (5 Kindle & 4 Paperback). I added ‘Revised Edition’ to the Kindle edition.

Since I returned from Ibiza, I did a similar update on ‘The Final Straw’ and ‘Unfinished Business’ which can be read under one title ‘Conception – The Birth of The Phoenix’. Three more Kindles, and two Paperbacks have been refreshed. (You will understand why later)

I analysed my April tweet performance and uncovered a real gem. My two regulars (IAN/TOP) were unchanged. My Box Set impressions dropped significantly, but response to my individual titles increased by as much as 100%. So, I’ve amended my Buffer Schedule to feature one each of IAN/TOP/BOX and five individual titles per day. (While I was at it, I designed some fresh images).
Today sees a Freebooksy promo on ‘Conception’ – the first promotion I’ve done on it for ages, if ever. In two weeks’ time, the next Free days for the Kindle Select promo on the Box Set are scheduled for the 28th/29th May.
It remains to be seen how successful that will be, and whether the ‘Revised Edition’ is more favourably received. I can do no more.

It won’t come as a surprise that I’m yet to begin writing ‘Larcombe Manor’. I promise I’ll start next Monday. I need to get it over with. Who was I kidding? I thought I could put my feet up once I’d finished writing. This past five weeks has shown me I’ll still be kept busy trying to maintain the status quo.

If you want regular updates on all my books, why not join The Phoenix Club? Newsletter (#25) will be circulated very soon.

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