Within days of writing last month’s blog the fightback began, I finished writing ‘Evil Always Finds A Way’ (#8 in The Phoenix series) at lunchtime today. Sixty thousand words, give or take, and packed full of drama and excitement.

I began the editing process this afternoon. Almost as soon as I started my broadband speeds hit the floor. Everything is taking six times longer than it should. If I scream part way through this post you know why.

Last month I told you about the successful promotions in May/early June and the Amazon Ads. This month I have little to report because if you’re writing, there’s no time to think about mundane items like selling books.

It doesn’t hurt to take a break from spending money on promos. It can be a reality check. I understand totally where I stand. If I spend £1500 -£2000 this year I’ll achieve 20-25000 downloads. If I quit now having spent just under £1000, then my year-to-date figure of 11000 will struggle to reach 12000.

Money governs everything. I feature on Twitter/Facebook/ and Instagram. Half a dozen other sites say they give me valuable exposure, but in the final analysis the only thing that stimulates downloads is the money I shell out for promotions.

I’m praying I can complete the editing, prepare the book for publishing, and get it out there by Friday week. That’s when we go away to start a week’s celebration. My wife will be 65 on Wednesday week (19th) and a long weekend in the Midlands is my first treat for her. We’re booked in for Afternoon Tea in the Royal Crescent, Bath on her birthday; then we plan to have all the family over on Saturday (21st).

Yes, there will be some promotion for the book launch, and the series, but writing will not start again until October. The summer holidays mean we’ll be looking after our grandsons two days per week in August. I’ll be too shattered to write!

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