“The perfect balance of thrills, action, and intellect”
“Tayler’s intense characters and great plot lines are a gift”
“If you enjoy British procedurals, then get into this fun series”
“A fabulous find – Tayler is gifted in making the reader become one with the book”
“I can put myself in the books and lose all track of time”
“Ted Tayler has a knack of relating the stories to everyday life”
“The interaction between the members of team bodes well for future stories in the series”
“Ted Tayler has hit on a winning series with this one”
“Full of twists and turns and misdirection.  Your favourite suspect changes frequently”
“Well-written with a wide array of quirky residents, close friends, and employers”
“Watching how the team works together is pure enjoyment”
“The romance and humour add another layer of depth to this crime fiction”
“The characters are realistic and the story fast-paced”
“I liked the gradual building of pace throughout”
“A solid investigative read with great characters”
“Not your ordinary mystery”
“Well-drawn characters and a story that lays out clearly what at first seems implausible”
“Great pace, characters and plots that keep your interest”
“A fast-paced murder mystery with an intense plot”
“With plot twists, surprises, suspense and danger, I was hooked from the first page”