“I love a good series. More than that, I love it when I can follow characters with different adventures and watch as the writing of the story grows, and the characters, also grow. A good writer writes. A great writer continues to grow in writing, in story-telling, and bringing more change and depth to the characters.”
“Tayler's intrigue is so timely, given world events. I can easily see the premise of his work being real.
"Vigilantes motivated by hope for a better world and justice delivered where the system fails.”
“Tayler is generous to his readers with dynamic characters and intricate plots. His characters manage to take their own personal tragedies and use them as motivation to fix the world.”
“Using current issues of political and economic concern gives his stories an intensely realistic feel.”
“Atmospheric settings, and clever twists mixed with reality make this plausible and entertaining.”
“Spinning a tale of fear and violence that could have come from world headlines.”
“The world could use groups like the Olympus Project to rid society of some of its festering sores.”
“Phoenix is certainly my kind of hero...with just the right amount of fallibility.”
“Characters with substance & genuine identities; ordinary lives filled with love, pain, and uncertainty.”
“A fascinating array of characters, & a writer with a great grasp of creating consistent tension.”
“Each book is better than the last, and hard to put down. A genius at character development.”
“Tayler weaves a tale of political intrigue that could be taken from today’s CNN reports.”
“Tayler brings a true realism to his plots, while making them the perfect escape from everyday life.”
“Tayler’s ability to give multiple dimensions to his characters gives his books a genuine slant. He works the relationships between his characters smoothly into his plots.”
“Don’t tell author Ted Tayler, I am having a virtual affair with his character, Phoenix. Like a hungry lover, I wait for each new book in his series, eager to learn what my vigilante hero is up to next.”
"Once again, Tayler takes the reader to the dark underbelly of Britain."
"Tayler does an excellent job of balancing the battles with normal life. From the bad guys to the victims, the characters are well developed and worthy of attention."
"To say his writing is a wonderful blend of storytelling is an understatement. It's exciting and a real page- turner. I can't tell which one is my favourite, but every time I read a new instalment, I like it better than the last, and one of the best parts is that the characters are well developed and they're continuing to grow. The writing talent of Ted Tayler also continues to grow, and it brings a depth to the story."
"Tayler brilliantly intersperses the vigilante and criminal activities with the personal lives of the Olympus characters. Warm scenes of Phoenix and Athena with their baby Hope, remind us these are real people with lives and families."
"Tayler’s Phoenix Series has kept me enthralled and I expect he will continue to do so in the future."
"I can’t wait for my next assignation with the sexy and capable Phoenix. Please don’t let Athena or the author know of my obsession."
"I’m addicted to Tayler’s Phoenix Series where Olympus battles corruption, crime & terrorism. Tayler brings humanity to his wonderful and creative characters."
"His plots are intricate & intriguing. He engages the reader & never lets the tale get dull or predictable."
"A steady pace, full of action, drama, intense moments, and whirlwinds of emotions. A dynamic tale indeed."
"Tayler focuses on current events & weaves them into tightly-knit fictional tales that mimic real life occurrences worldwide."
"Tayler’s ability to give his characters depth & substance is vital to the success of this series."
"I’m a huge fan of his work. Each story has an amazing group of characters who are no stranger to dangerous missions."
"These books feature grand adventures that come from the highly imaginative creativity of Tayler and his magic pen."
"Well-written, heartbreaking, high stakes action. Tayler has a wonderful ability for setting the scenes for upcoming conflicts. When they arrive they are brutal, the vengeance well-deserved."
"Tayler doesn’t hold back when it comes to sacrificing his beloved characters. I cheered, I wept. I was enraged & I was broken- hearted. An unforgettable denouement guaranteed to leave the reader breathless."