Sorry it’s been a bit longer between offerings than usual. After the reunion gig and the uncertainty of whether we would play again I looked around for something to take my mind off things. You’ll never guess what I decided to do!

I’m writing my first novel! I’ve got 140 pages and 41000 words behind me now. Still some way to go. Phew! Perhaps I should publish this in three parts? I don’t know how other writers go about it but I made a plan out of who was going to do what to who and when. Then I started fleshing out the individual story lines. I reckon I’ve completed six and I’ve got seven maybe eight to go. Still, it keeps me off the street!

All the characters have got first names and surnames of people I know, but not joined up if you see what I mean. It should be fun for people to spot who they are, but I suppose someone will moan because they’re killed off (oops!) or only have a very brief appearance (as a guy walking his dog who discovers a body on the way to the paper shop for example).

No news on the group front as yet I’m afraid. I tried to get a practice session organised a couple of weeks back but January was a non-starter. I told you these guys were busy! Paul has been doing lighting for shows/pantomimes. Roger had some people in the recording studio and Dave had the flu virus that was doing the rounds and although it hadn’t stopped him gigging in his duo, he couldn’t spare any time just yet. Fingers crossed I’ll have some better news next time.

I’m making an all out attempt at getting a higher number of Twitter followers. My reason for joining initially was to get people to buy ‘We’d Like To Do A Number Now’; then it was to persuade them to visit the website to read the blog updates AND buy the book.

Today it’s about creating as big an audience as possible well in advance of my novel being published online. My brain tells me if I have 100,000 followers that I keep badgering to buy my book, I have more chance of success than if I have no twitter followers which is where I was at in August 2011 when the first book came out. Ultimately of course it will come down to how good the book is.

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