Well to be honest it’s warm rain and the occasional gusting windy day. We’re nowhere near in a settled situation. I can remember there being four pretty distinct seasons, with occasional blurred edges when I was a lad growing up and even in my early married life, but times have changed. The UK weather is nothing like that these days!

Last month I told you we were meeting up for a Sunday lunch with a prospective bass player and his wife and hoped to have some news on the reunion gig rehearsals. We duly arrived at a pub in a local village and we four musicians sat ourselves down at one end of the table for eight that had been set aside for us. The wives occupied the remaining spaces and chatted on about….. No idea, sorry, I wasn’t listening!

Dave (guitar) Paul (drums) and I (vocals) were engrossed in conversation with Roger (bass) for three hours talking music. Roger is another ‘time served’ musician who has been playing in loads of bands in the area since he was a lad, rather like Dave & Paul. As I mentioned last month, they had played in bands together on occasion. Roger’s alter ego is ‘Bill Wildman’ as for several years he was playing bass in a Stone’s tribute band called The Rolling Clones.

Very good they were too and travelled all over the UK and occasionally into Europe. It was pretty evident collaboration wasn’t going to be a problem! Bring it on! Dave produced a suggested playlist for the first rehearsal, with another half dozen ‘back ups’ ready to have a go at in the second session.

Rory Gallagher, Black Sabbath, Cream, Taj Mahal, Fleetwood Mac – you get the picture? Pretty much middle of the road stuff . The second session could see Jethro Tull, Groundhogs and the Stones added into the mix. Happy days! Time marches on though and one BIG change from the old days, I’ve got the lyrics in fairly large print so I SHOULD be able to get them right!

Look forward to meeting up with you again in August. I’ll have news on the first rehearsals and the progress we’ve made; my wife will have done her ‘Race For Life’ charity run (walk) to raise money in memory of Marcia whom I wrote about in ‘TIME FOR REFLECTION’ and she will have celebrated her 60th birthday. No doubt there will be other stories to tell? Enjoy the sunshine if it peeks through the clouds! Bye for now.

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