Don’t worry my friends, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me! Just a name I thought might suffice for our reunion gig. More on how that’s progressing later.

First of all I want to thank all of you who read last month’s item ‘TIME FOR REFLECTION’ It had the largest response yet of all the blog postings I’ve done since my site went live in October 2011. I was touched by the messages on my Facebook page from friends and family of Marcia whose untimely passing I wrote about.


As you know, the book brought a lot of the old group members together after almost forty years and we plan to do a reunion gig in November 2012 for one of our roadies’ sixty fifth birthday bash. A lot of us went out for a meal at the end of January and the subject of rehearsals was discussed. We had no idea how many we might need, plus our old bass player lives in Ireland. The logistics were going to be a nightmare at best.

I was tasked to chase him up and encourage him to come over for a few days so we could find out the scale of the work required to get us back on stage without crashing and burning! I heard nothing for weeks. His wife had a birthday towards the end of February, so I chased him again, plus asked her to give him a shove!

Dave our guitarist was playing at the Cons Club in Melksham, one of our old haunts and several of us were there to listen last Saturday night. I contacted our bass player again in the morning and said that ‘they’re bound to ask’ and this time he got back to me. He was too busy to spare the time to make the necessary trips over, plus virtually re-learn the bass guitar, so he had to reluctantly pull out of the reunion gig. He WILL get over and we WILL stay in touch, but he wasn’t able to commit the time required.

Dave and Paul, our last drummer, have played with a bass player in the last decade or so, every now and then, in a band doing covers from the old days, so we may have a replacement ready to fill the breech. Time will tell! I firmed up a playlist for Dave to comment upon, which he’s had for a day or two, hopefully by the next blog I’ll have some news for you about rehearsals. Positive news I hope!

There we are then, until the end of April, perhaps a bit earlier as we’re off to Ibiza for a week’s holiday. Not clubbing! Just a quiet chill out week, in our time share apartment overlooking the marina at Santa Eularia del Rio. We’ve been going there since 1999 and we love it to bits!

Please come back again won’t you?

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